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12/20/05 My Wikipedia (auto) bio
10/15/05 Mailblocks Sad End
8/23/04 The real international observers on the recall referendum in Venezuela
4/3/04 IDs and (in)Security
8/20/03 When did this country go wrong?
4/17/03 Hunting in a virtual bookshelf
4/5/03 Take your Spatial Finder and shove it!
2/23/03 Why Tog is wrong...
6/24/02 How the Dirty World Cup Happened
2/3/03 A New Kind of Nonsense
5/28/02 The Failure of Ideologies
4/2/02 Why Arabs hate Israel and the Neo-Western world
7/2/02 How I became a Software Buccaneer
2/19/02 Back to a Backward Future

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