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Alfredo Octavio was born in Caracas in 1962, the city soon was deemed too small for him, so he decided to move to Madrid in 1964. After learning the concept of a dictatorship he returned to Caracas eight years later disgusted by Francisco Franco's policies. He survived the tough city and even studied at Universidad Simón Bolívar graduating first in his class. While there he also dabbled in theater, literature, and politics. He decided then he was, probably, an anarchist.

After a tough competition between top universities, The University of Michigan was very proud to accept him for the Ph. D. Program in Mathematics. Again, he obtained the top post in his graduation five years later (on the meantime he also picked up an MA in the same subject.)

In the brief 9 years he acted as a practicing scientist, he published dozens of papers in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. He was invited to lecture all over the world and taught high level courses in several universities. But that did not fulfill his ambitions. During that same period he was instrumental in brining the Internet to Venezuela (in part thanks to his close friendship with Al Gore), he helped create and publish the first web site in his country, and layed down the first optic cable network in Venezuela. He ran, unsuccessfully, for a position in ICANN, but his liberal and logical views were anathema to that institution policy. He fought against the Venezuelan Science Council and the Venezuelan Mathematical Society for their rampant corruption and was forced to retire from committees in the former and resigned in disgust from the latter. To prove he is not a rambling, ranting, maniac despite all that has been said of him, he is considered a legend for his conciliatory attitude at the Center for Advanced Studies. When Hugo Chavéz took power in Venezuela, he couldn't, in good conscience, keep working for the government, so he quit his post at IVIC, the authorities there accepted his resignation with pleasure.

He started an e-commerce company in 1999, named Patilla.com, which is credited with being the whole .com boom and bust in Venezuela. The company couldn't survive his departure, and went broke after he resigned when the company took part in the 2002 Strike in Venezuela. He introduced the concept of blogs to the country by blogging the real truth about the events of April 2002 in Caracas. Afterwards, he created the first fully modern bank in Venezuela and is now working in secretive projects in the country's private sector.

He has two children (twins, a girl and a boy, "One has to be efficient" he always says) which are, reportedly, the most intelligent kids in the world. His wife, Stefania Marcantognini is, of course, gorgeous and incredibly inteligent. Though the press has reported several affairs with beautiful and brilliant women, he claims it has all been "greatly exaggerated". He is expected to live at least 120 years in perfect health.

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