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Mailblocks Sad End

To our valued Mailblocks Customers, The Mailblocks Team has been busy creating the next generation free email service, called AIM Mail. AIM Mail is a free web-based email service with a sleek interface and a client-like feature set, based on Mailblocks technology that you[base ']ve grown to love. AIM Mail has the following advanced features: - 2 gigabytes of account space - industry-leading spam and anti-virus protection - integrated address book - an email address based on the AIM Screen Name - seamless integration with the AOL Instant Messenger program - accessibility using an email program (IMAP) - and more coming soon All Mailblocks customers can transition to the new AIM Mail service immediately, because the Mailblocks email service will be discontinued on November 16, 2005. Per our Terms of Service, we are providing 30-days advance notice. The Mailblocks email service will be discontinued on November 16, 2005 and any future email after that date will be returned to the sender. Once the account is closed, there will be no way to gain access to the account and all the data will be permanently deleted. For the smoothest transition, we recommend you take the following steps immediately: Create a new free AIM Mail account by going here. Give your contacts your new AIM Mail address. Move your emails from your Mailblocks account to your local computer. See instructions below. Move your Contacts from your Mailblocks account to your new AIM Mail account. See instructions below. As an alternative, currently paid Mailblocks accounts may be eligible for a full refund until November 16, 2005. To request a refund check, submit your full name, mailing address, phone number, birth date, Paypal address if you paid with one, and your account[base ']s secret question/answer, using the contact form at http://contact.mailblocks.com. All information is required for validation of account ownership. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for check processing. You can check the authenticity of this email by going to the main Mailblocks web site. We hope you[base ']ve enjoyed your spam-free Mailblocks account. Thank you for your continued support of both Mailblocks and the new AIM Mail account. We apologize for any inconvenience this transition may cause and we hope you continue enjoying our free spam-and-virus-free email service from AIM Mail. The Mailblocks Team How do I move all my emails from my Mailblocks account to my local computer? (or How to backup your Mailblocks Email.) NOTES:

- All Mailblocks accounts will be closed on November 16, 2005 at 12 noon PST, so please complete these steps prior to that date.

- Free Mailblocks accounts normally don[base ']t have the capability to use an email IMAP program, such as Outlook Express (Paid accounts do). But this feature has been turned on so that you can move your emails from Mailblocks to your local computer.

It is easy to backup all of your Mailblocks emails. Using an email program, follow these steps:

Setup the Mailblocks account in an email program (such as Outlook Express). See details on setting up an email program for each account. Drag all emails from each of your Mailblocks folders to a local folder, in the email program. Outlook Express lists them under "Local Folders." Depending on the quantity and size of emails to be backed up and your internet connection speed, the process may take a few minutes. As the emails are moved to the destination folder, the emails in the Mailblocks folders will be marked for deletion. After moving the emails, you may want to move your Contacts from your Mailblocks account to your new AIM Mail account too. If so, follow the steps below:

Export your Contacts from your Mailblocks account into a CSV file by clicking the Addresses tab, then clicking the Import/Export button. Click on the Export button at the bottom of the page. Click the Save button from the File Download dialog box and save the file using the default file name (Contacts.CSV). Log into your new AIM Mail account. Click the Addresses button on your Mailbox window. Click the Import button. This opens the Import Contacts page. Click the Browse button and select the Contacts.CSV file. Select the Comma separated (CSV) radio button. Click the Import button and the contacts will be imported and displayed in a list. Click the Addresses button to return to the Address list. The Mailblocks Team

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