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IDs and (in)Security

Very Important Persons (VIPs) are roaming through this latin american capital. Security is in place including special IDs to enter a restricted blocked area. The big show will include a big theatre production for the big honchos to enjoy. The show will be in this area and all the personnel involved is given their own IDs.

The day after the play a small plain looking taxi pulls up and a plain looking guy goes to where the lightning equipment for the show is kept. The guards immediately demand his especial ID, but, ooops, he has forgotten it. He is in trouble, he says, because his boss Mr. Whatever (and mentions the well-known name of the owner of the lightning equipment) has asked him to pick up part of the equipment. Fortunately, he has the national ID card that has a picture and everything. Thanks to the hype up security the guards even have a computer where they can check that this is a correct valid ID. They let him in, he points to some equipment too heavy for him, but the guards help him carry it as do some policeman and with some effort they put it in the tiny cab.

Of course, he is a thief and the police and guards have help him with equipment worth over 10.000$. The ID wasn't his, he stole it from a victim with similar looks to his own, so that the police wouldn't question whether it was his or not.

There are problems with this story. The police could have checked the Taxi license plates or ask for his taxi driver license, these are more controlled items and further checks may have pointed out the falsehood of the story. They failed to do that because they falled into the trap of thinking that IDs equal security. After all, they thought they new the name of the man that picked up the equipment, they even checked the ID as real. Alas, the ID and the person had no real connection (possession doesn't mean much), the person showing the ID can have reasons to hide (maybe there was a warrant and he was a well-known thief) a fake ID wouldn't do (maybe), but a recently stolen one did...

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