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How the Dirty World Cup Happened

I would like to respond to this thoughtless article. A lot of people are witting about my, and others opinion, of the The Dirty World Cup dismissing it as some kind of "Conspiracy Theory", where presumably the powers that be meet in dark, smokey basements to fuck up the less powerful. The article, in fact, ridicules this idea, while simultaneously claiming the, equally crazy, concept that the military junta bought the 1978 World Cup from FIFA.

What Matthew Monk, our stupid writer d'jour, fails to realize is that no one is proposing such nonsense. In fact, if he had watched a few games previous to this World Cup, he would know that a referee can't control the game. You can win with the referees against you, it is just harder. Hence, it makes no sense to buy referees and linesmen. To put it in a way that even the brainless Matthew Monk can understand: it is too expensive, too risky, and doesn't guarantee the result.

What actually happens is much simpler than that. It is enough to let referees know that certain results are preferable than others and that mistakes, particularly convenient ones will not be punished. To understand it, or so Matthew can understand it without burning his two remaining brain cells, it's better to give an example. In 1990, Codesal, the referee of the German-Argentina final, knew that the bosses of FIFA would not be happy with another victory for Maradona. First, he wasn't a good symbol for the youth; second, there was that controversial "Hand of God" goal, and third, he was stealing Pele's thunder as the best player of the world. The other side wasn't very good at playing football, but it had our old friend Beckenbauer who was a better man and a good example for everybody. The moment that Codesal had an excuse to call a penalty against Germany he did so and Germany won. Codesal confessed that he called the penalty to "please the bosses", he was punished by becoming the head of the committee that oversees referees and linesmen on this World Cup. I guess, FIFA knew they could trust him to understand the way this "game" is played.

Also, this is not done because Korea is rich and powerful in the world of football, though the korean vice president of FIFA is a good friend of the Secretary General Zen-Rufinen and of Blatter himself. It is done to make money. The stadiums get filled the local people are happy, so what is wrong with that?

You don't believe me still? Make a big effort and think about this. Couldn't FIFA diminish mistakes by referees? Italy has done it. How? Look at a bunch of games, say all the games in the World Cup, calculate the average of mistakes per game and other relevant statistics , punish whoever makes statistically too many mistakes and reward whoever make less mistakes than the median. Why can't FIFA do this? Do you think they are as stupid as you are?

FIFA doesn't do this because its ability to influence the games will diminish and only a few teams will win. Guess what? Brazil would be among those Korea wouldn't. Hence, large parts of the worlds will express little interest in the World Cup, FIFA will make less money. Considering that with all the money FIFA makes now it is bankrupt, one can imagine what would happened if FIFA made a litlle less...

In conclusion, Matthew, you are a dork that couldn't understand the simplest concepts of politics. Remember, blessed is the man that, having nothing intelligent to say, maintains his mouth shut and does not prove this fact.

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