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The Failure of Ideologies

The ability of the human mind to change opinion and correct itself is contrasted by it's inherent tendency to ignore the facts and radicalize its own position. Psychologist have a name for this latter tendency: Cognitive dissonance. When you hold opinions as categorical truths and they get contradicted by reality, our minds tendency is to ignore the facts in such a way as to avoid the internal conflict.

In Venezuela we are witnessing a cognitive dissonance created by the failure of ideologies. This forces each group to reformulate facts to adapt to their believes. This creates a fracture between the two groups, let's say government and opposition, so that over identical facts two distinct discourses are created without any relation with the facts or with each other. These discourses are not about the same relative reality, they are distorted by the dissonance they try to silence.

The scientific position, despite its incredible success, has been abandoned by the ideologue (a demagogue with and ideology). Jean François Revel wrote: "Democracy's practical superiority derives from the fact that it is the only system which, through trial and error, can become aware of its mistakes and correct them. Totalitarianism cannot correct itself: it is forced to follow its logic until the final catastrophe."

Must, then, surprise us, that at a time when democracy is in an all time high, we see democratic values misused, misstated, and trampled by ideologies? The pragmatic person attempts to solve each problem with the tool of common sense, but sees its efforts crushed by the pliers formed by both sides of the political spectrum. Add the violence, committed in the name of principles, and we witness a tendency towards totalitarianism. Stop asking of our leaders to be good candidates and let us demand that they be good governors. Stop listening to the charisma of a speaker and start hearing the practical solutions.

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