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Why Arabs hate Israel and the Neo-Western world

I was in Israel a few years ago, and one thing that impressed me was the number of arab women attending Beer-Sheeva University. They were wearing jeans, some of them veils, most of them were hard to recognized until you talked to them. Intelligent women with no hatred towards Israel, very open minded.

I realized then that this is what is really behind the war. The Neo-western world, the countries that have accepted equality, democracy, and free speech as basic rights, even if imperfectly respected, signify a loss of privileges for arab men. That's what they are fighting about, that's why they breed hatred in their children, so they can become suicide bombers. They do not want to concede rights to women and the under privileged.

It saddens me to see western women falling for the victim talk that this criminals use to raise sympathy for their cause. Osama bin Laden and Yaser Arafat are just instruments to mantain control over the oppressed. Israel is the nearest way out...

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