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Who am I?

By training I am a Mathematician, I studied at the University of Michigan (M Go Blue!). My interest in computers have made me choose a Mac over Linux or Windows and now with Mac OS X, I am in computing heaven. I also worked at the e-commerce site Patilla.com. Until the end of 2004 I worked in the technology area (Web, Intranet, Internet, data security) of InverUnion. Now, I'm the executive systems guy for an overseas investment group. My Curriculum Vitae is here.
I am interested in technology, especially as they relate to computers and the internet. Send interesting links to alfredo@octavio.net
I have two kids (twins, a boy and a girl).
I am a Fan of Formula 1 Racing and cars in general.
I really like Oakley products (from sunglasses, to shoes, to watches, to caps!)
I am a correspondent for The Mathematical Intelligencer. It is also my favorite math journal. If you have an article that you think is appropriate for it, please, send it to me (aoctavio@ivic.ve). I am specially interested in Latin-American Mathematical issues and the History of Mathematics in general, though, jokes are also welcome.
Tyromaniac is a name I invented from the following definitions:

Tyro Ty"ro, n.; pl. Tyros. [L. tiro a newlylevied soldier, a beginner.]

A beginner in learning; one who is in the rudiments of any branch of study; a person imperfectly acquainted with a subject; a novice.

Maniac Ma"ni*ac, a. [F. maniaque. See Mania.]

Raving with madness; raging with disordered intellect; affected with mania; mad.

So, Tyromaniac = Mad Novice. And that's how I feel most of the time.

I've been blogging since 2002.

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