Yeah, we knew that

Well, somebody has to study the obvious. But ladies, if you don't know this I advice you to shop around and find out the truth: Nerds make better lovers. I've been told that is true in no uncertain terms.
Update: While on this topic Bruni suggests I remind you of this.

The Big Mp3 Players Shutout.


When we last tested Headphones, I promised a Mp3 Player shutout by the following week. But it took a lot longer than that. The reasons do not matter, since here it is! The contestants are: (First Row) iPod shuffle (512MB), iPod 1G (5GB), iPod mini (4GB), iPod photo 4G (40GB), (Second Row) iPod nano (4GB), Sony PSP (4GB), Motorola SLVR L7 (128MB, did not participate, see below why), Virgin 5GB, N-Gage (128MB), Siemens SX66 (1GB), Neonode (1GB). Click on More to see the methodology and results.

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More sweet revenge

Someone Harasses you, you Hollaback.
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It's happening already...

So for all my dear Mac friends who asked me to build a version of ActiveWords for the Mac, it’s done, just get either Boot Camp or Parallels, and download ActiveWords Plus, it rocks!

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Made up new lingo...

Overly Wired?  There's a Word for It  —  WAS there gridlock before there were automobiles?  Was there jet lag before there were airplanes?  Who was the first person to say "I Googled it" or "he's cyberstalking me"?  At what moment did a "web log" turn into a "blog"?  —  Language makes things official.
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