Stop writing before you stop thinking!

I simply think Gruber lost it here. He is talking supply and demand, concert tickets versus the iPhone. The argument is that concert tickets sold out at the original prices because they are too cheap. He claims that the same argument wasn't used for the iPhone... John, it is the same argument! If something solds out (it's selling too well) is because is too cheap, people will pay more for it. If it is not selling too well, it may be because it's not cheap enough, hence you reduce the price. What part of supply and demand don't you understand? Everyone that argues that Apple is just being agresive with its pricing just likes the spin. The iPhone was never really sold out. You could buy it, it didn't sold on ebay on mark up. Why? Because they had more supply than demand. And that isn't because Apple is great, is because they expected more demand. They didn't get it, hence they lower the price of the iPhone. The aggressiveness argument is spin, but makes it clear: at 600$ it wouldn't have sold as well, we hope it does at 400$, but it won't... Because after the initial surge, iPhones sales will drop, they will not reach the ten million mark. Luckily for Apple we, their loyal customers, had been doing an amazing job selling the Mac. That will save their skin, but no good deed goes unpunished.

Who runs McLaren? Bozo the clown?

I haven't been much of a fan of the current season. But yesterday performance has to be commented. Who runs McLaren? Bush? Bozo the Clown? Chavez? come'n! First they spy on Ferrari, then they spend millions on a World Champion just to mistreat him so much that he spills the beans on the spying. And they lose the Constructor Championship on that (the only one McLaren or Ferrari should care about). Now, on the brink of winning the driver championship they forget that wets go bad when the pavement dries and do not call the point leader, on a race where he could have sealed the championship, even after he lost the lead due to the tyres! If I were Hamilton I would be pissed...

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