FIA less two faced than previously

After years of two faced behavior in Formula 1, FIA has decided to abandoned the ban on team orders. It was a stupid idea as there was one. Of course team orders exists in any team sports. Ferrari was against the ban and gave the team orders in an obvious way and got in trouble for it. Other teams use team orders in a hidden manner and got away with it. Not only without sanction by FIA, but without criticism from the two faced, mostly British, media commentators. Now, that the ban is lifted we will see better racing and less posturing by teams that the two drivers are competing against one another. And maybe, just maybe, we will see the constructor championship back to where it belongs: The highest crown in motor racing.

Dereliction of Duty in the Wikileaks case

I am amazed at the reaction to the Wikileaks publishing of presumably secret documents. Most of the US officials and prominent politicians keep acting as if Wikileaks and Julian Assange have done something wrong. Some ignoramus are even accusing him of treason. Of course, the revenge is not through courts (at least, not about the released documents), but through a chain of interested close parties targeting the site and Assange. What I find appalling is that nobody has pointed the finger to the real culprit. Whoever was in charge of keeping these documents secrets has failed miserably and if Wikileaks could get these documents, I can imagine what a foreign intelligence agency can get to. The person responsible is probably not guilty of treason, but certainly of dereliction of duty and so are the Senators and other government officials that are pointing the fingers to Assange and Wikileaks. Yes, a government must keep secrets, but secrets are not protected by laws that forbid their publication, secrets are protected by measures that impede that a confidential document can't be read by someone that isn't authorized. In this day and age of advance crypto, anyone allowing their documents to be read by unauthorized personnel is stupid and incompetent, a government doubly as they should be held to a much higher standar. Wikileaks has done nothing wrong. The US wants to burden its citizens, and the citizens of the world, with protecting secrets they are not qualify to protect and is against their interests to do so. Keep your secrets if you can, but if you do it wrong, do not cry and complain when they are leak. It is a sorry state of affairs when senators are calling Amazon to try to stop leaks after they have happened instead of holding hearings to find out who is responsible for the security of the documents. Dereliction of duty, indeed...

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