Service Hell

So, my wife got this shoes on Xmas. They were very nice she loved them but they were a little tight. We went to Bloomingdales to exchange them. Basically, we wanted the same shoes half a size bigger. We went directly to the women's shoes section just to be informed that we would have to go to Customer Service since the shoes were bought online. In the customer section after convincing the snooty attendant that we couldn't go directly to the shoes section, she made us fill out a form and informed us that we would receive a check in 4 to 6 weeks. We were disappointed, but decided to take in stride. We went back to the shoe section willing to buy the shoes we wanted. But the uninterested attendant and the lack of variety made us realize that we didn't have to buy them there!. So, we went to Nordstrom, always a good service experience, and got the shoes there. Now, figure this out, Bloomingdales had made a sale and lost it because some bean counter decided this was the right procedure. I know they get the financial benefit of holding the money for a while, but they lost clients and, at the end, they lost the sale.

I've always been a fan of Apple's service, but my experience yesterday was at least as bad as the one in Bloomingdales. My family owns several Apple laptops and a lot of the batteries were included in the recalls of this year. Two of the batteries they sent me were defective. The Geniuses there made sure of that, but then inform me, with shame, that they couldn't exchange in the store and that I would have to call to in order to get a replacement. What bothers me the most, besides the waste of time, is the inconsistency. You can read so many stories in the web about people being forced to go to the Stores to solve service problems, but I was sent back to the phones! Stupid, stupid. I guess this is a good time to say that I bought a Tablet PC... I will try Vista on it, but will keep using my Mac, unless Apple pushes this kind of nonsense forward. Keep in mind how badly Sony has done since I got mad at them last year. When I get mad, companies go down! icon_eek icon_lol icon_wink

Chihuly at the Fairchild

Yesterday we went to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden to enjoy the glass pieces of Chihuly. It was a great experience. I really like Botanical gardens, arboretums type of parks, and the exposition with the brilliant glass pieces was magnificent. We went by night, which is only open on Thursdays. It was a great experience.

Smartmatic bails out of investigation

Smartmatic has decided to put Sequoia up for sale in an attempt to avoid scrutiny from an ongoing investigation. Will they succeed?

A Lovely Christmas Carol

(Thanks Miguel! )

I told my kid...

"The bad news is that there is no Santa Claus, never have, never will. The good news is that I'm done lying to you."

I'm Time's Person of the year 2006!

They just announced, I'm very proud. they found out I control the information age. I beat Chavez! Take that Hugo!

IDs and Security Theater

An impressive accurate article on the New York Times about IDs, the TSA, and Security Theater. How is that for a change?

Told to a traffic cop...

"How come there are more fans of traffic than of speed in Venezuela?" No fine, No bribe, No problem. He just laughed.

A hard week

I had a pretty bad week. First I had a lower back problem, it let me in pretty bad shape last Wednesday and Thursday, though it doesn't seem too serious. It comes from two things, I have a horizontal sacro bone and a small fissure of the vertebral column. Of course, it gets worse with my heavy weight so I have to reduced weight pronto. I'll let you know how that goes. I don't have pain per se, but I have a feeling in the place where the problem is and in other places in the back. I don't know how much is psychological and/or prompted by the fact that I have to take life changing measures.

Worse than that is the recent news, I got it yesterday, that a dear, dear friend was diagnosed with Cancer. She is a jovial, pretty, very young woman and I can't believe she is passing through all this now. I also feel so useless and incompetent that I don't know what to do. I am so clumsy in those situations and I can't imagined what could make her feel better, even if I am willing to do anything... I'm sure she'll pull through this one, but I can imagine how hard it is on her and her family.

Finally, I sold My Seat Leon in Venezuela, which is great but hasn't allowed me to take time for myself or my friend. I've been busy with my back, my car, and my job. The car was taken today, so I hope that next week, when I'm also not working, will be easier on me.

Viganella gets winter sun rays!

After 800 years of winter shadows, the town of Viganella will get a mirror and some (reflected) sun rays on winter starting this December 17.

Pinochet dies before Fidel...

I won't be able to make it to Pinochet's Funeral, but I'll send a nice letter saying that I approve of it. Another thing to complaint about Pinochet, he gave Fidel a (hopefully) final joy by dying first. Damn. By the way the funeral phrase is inspired by Mark Twain, lest I be accused of plagiarism.

Any Allien Invasion is doomed to fail

I mean, I just finished playing Gears of War, it is a fantastic game very entertaining. But I just spend 2 weeks killing creatures with guns and stuff. And you should see my kid! If there is an allien invasion we'll have millions of Master Chiefs and Marcus Fenix' ready, just give them fucking guns! Poor alliens, they stand no chance, I pity them...

If voting could change anything... would be abolished.

The dumb leading the dumb...

So, Sony had this great idea. Since the PSP is about as powerful as a PSOne, why not sell PSOne games for the PSP? Great idea! You can download them for 6$. Great content, already paid for, getting new revenues. But... In a clear imitation of the stupidity of the Zune, you can only download the games thru a PS3. Yeah, cause anyone will buy a PS3 for that reason... And why does the PSP has Wi-Fi for, anyway? Clueless Assholes! The sad thing is that it will be a while since they go bankrupt.

A friend says...

"We have a beautiful country, with natural beauty, and an incredible fauna of more than six millions animals..."
(Thanks Yorlet! )

Thanks to the Opposition...

If President Hugo Chávez rules like an autocrat, as his critics in Washington and here charge, then he does so with the full permission of a substantial majority of the Venezuelan people, Sunday’s election here showed.
This article from The New York Times is right, but it fails to acknowledge the role played by the opposition. It legitimized Rosales and Petkoff statements in that article prove it. I've been saying this all along.

My Seat Leon in Venezuela

The sale of my Seat Leon is generating a lot of interest. I've gotten some offers and a lot of visits. I think whoever gets it will be very happy with it. The car is priced low to sell and, after some haggling, it is completely repaired. Actually, at the end I got a pretty good treatment from both Seat Venezuela and Seauto La Castellana. I've reconciled with them, so much that I've updated both stories I wrote earlier.

Chavez wins again...

I messed up the details of my predictions for yesterday, but I think I got the bulk of it right. Chavez has not only won an election he was certified bona-fide democratic leader. Now it's up to him to decide where to go from here. He should remember he still has 40% of the people against him. A proportion that hasn't changed in two and a half years... Let's see if that counts for something.

Even tomorrow...

... there will still be a future.
- A 7 year old to his nervous father.

How to screw up a bad thing

As if the Zune wasn't bad enough. Microsoft decided to further screw some Zune buyers. Instead of the brown Zune they thought they were buying, they got a Pink Zune they didn't want... How can Microsoft think this is cool? At least you can sell it for a bunch of money in ebay and then get an iPod, it seems.

Results do not matter

Chávez Unscathed as Crime Soars in Venezuela.
“Venezuela has undeniably become one of the most violent countries in the world”

On Elections, Fraud, Puppets, and Fear

Sadly, I've been getting into a lot of arguments lately. Most of them with fans of the opposition in Venezuela. I think I should write my predictions as to what I think will happen in the Venezuelan Elections next Sunday.

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