A Christmass Math Problem

So, I'm looking for a general solution to the following problem. Let's say n persons want to give gifts between them and they decide that the best way is to choose one person for each and give one big gift instead of several small ones. The thing is that some of these people are married or siblings to others in the group and they don't want to give gifts to them (they are going to give them a present anyway). So, the problem is to design an algorithm to generate random selections for gifts avoiding the set of restrictions. I don't seem to be able to get an algorithm that is guaranteed not to hang. Can you?

Where is my tablet?

The coming of the Tablet has been predicted for years, after the failure of Microsoft Tablet XP, in part a technology problem in part a marketing problem, we have seen very little in terms of new product. It is rumored that Apple is going to make one, but the fact that there are no announcement yet and that Apple doesn't seem to be doing a big event in January, which is a terrible time to announce new products unless they are months away anyway, makes me think that's still a year off. The CrunchPad sounded like a great product, but it hasn't appear and the rumor is that it never will, it is much more expensive than they thought at first. Typical hardware trick. They tell you it is going to be worth X to build, get you committed and as production gets close to start they say Ops! it will be 2X. So far, the only real tablet is the Archos 5 with Android , and that is a Nerdy product at best. Why is that better than a Phone? only a few inches of screen and a whole lot of pain. Is this going to be like the JetPack? Did the future fooled us again?

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