After checking foot traffic in some Apple Stores

I think Apple should not continue with its current policy of opening big stores in malls... They should open whole malls instead... Around 20% of all the people in a Mall tends to be near the Apple store at any given time. Around 85% of all statistics are completely made up.

Diarrhea in the Time of Chavez

So I caught the stomach virus that is going around in Venezuela. I am normally very resistant to these things but I have been, err, close to the throne the last few days, basically talking to it whenever I am not actually sitting on it. The performance has been less than solid, if you catch my drift (though I think you better not). Of course, in this scatological process I have used abnormal amounts of toilet paper. So we ran out of it. My wife complaint to me, cause there seems to be a shortage of toilet paper going around in Venezuela. It seems abundance of toilet paper, milk, meat, sugar, etc is one of the main causes of poverty. A chavista friend explained the reasoning very clearly to me: What is poverty but lack of money? And how do people part with their money? They buy those things! If there is nothing to buy, then poor people will have money! This actually makes sense specially combined with the excess liquidity (of a different kind than mine) that is also going around in Venezuela... But, I have to ask, is it really my fault that I have diarrhea in the Time of Chavez? I mean the man has been president for almost a decade and plans to stay for several more! I am healthy, but not that healthy.

I'm willing to admit my Mistakes...

Even the ones I haven't made yet...

The Glory hat Venezuela never hears

Some members of the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra gretaly impresses New Yorkers at the Queen's Museum.

Been there, heard that

I really do not see what the big deal is about this. I have heard people telling Chavez to shut up hundreds of times!

They have screw up a nice thing!

Amazon Mp3s Download store sounded nice, but they decided to screw it up. Much like they did with Microsoft's Movie Rentals through Xbox Live, you can't get them if you are outside the US irregardless of your credit card address. This is stupid beyond belief and very unfair... Pray tell, why can I buy from the iTunes Music Store wherever I am, but not from these other places? Why can't I buy music while I am travelling? The only way this makes sense is if there is a pro pirate infiltrator in the Music Industry. If the easiest way to get music is also free, why bother with anything else?

Is this an insult?

Miguel sent this:

cash advance

Is this an Insult? I think it is an insult...

Ashcroft tries the Nüremberg defense

I can actually smell the desperation in John Ashcroft's Editorial pledging to accept the immunity of Telcos in the Warrantless spying case. I find it really amazing that he is trying the old Nüremberg defense here. Presumably there is a long standing tradition of accepting orders from the president if someone says the order is legal... This wouldn't work with the soldiers performing the Waterboarding, it should work even less with a company like AT&T. The soldier is being duped, though he shouldn't be, AT&T, on the other hand, can afford lawyers to tell them that listening into conversations requires a Warrant! They can even afford to stand against the government in a court of law and proceed only when, and if, the court says it is ok. If this stand, the US might as well suspend the constitution.

Leopard, first impressions

I've been using Leopard for about 5 days now and I really have come to a strong first impression. This may change over time, but right now this is what I think.

First of all, the reliability problems are still there. I know that the people coming from Windows think I must be kidding, but Mac OS X is much more stable on PowerPC than on Intel processors. I've been having a lot of small problems with my machine. Some FAT32 volumes refuse to mount, when the machine wakes from sleeps and prompts me for my password the screen sometimes just go blank, the machine wakes up on its own when I plug the power cord (this may be related to the previous issue), Airport sometimes loses the connection for no apparent reason. Leopard fixed exactly none of this problems. My machine is a heavy use on the edge machine, but the situation is much worse than what it used to be. I destroy Windows machines over lunch... And, yes, I've been toying to switching to Linux, much harder to destroy, but much harder to do things also. Perhaps I should buy a small Linux machine for my main system and keep the Mac for toying around, specially now that it is clear Apple will not come out with a new laptop this year.

The Dock in 3D I don't mind because I don't suffer it, I always put the Dock on the side and Apple fixed that just before releasing Leopard. Stacks are a really bad implementation of a cool idea. It just doesn't work unless you have few files in the folder. How stupid is it that you can't put saved searched as stacks? Your most recent used apps or docs... Come on, Apple, stop toying with the stupid iPhone and get on with the programming!

Quicklook is great but kind of demands a change of my working habits (so does Spaces and the download folder). So the main feature, and Apple thinks so, judging by the box, is Time Machine. Time Machine, unfortunately, sucks ass, unless you are a standar user that never backs up... Time Machine makes it easy for you, great! What pisses me off is that it could be a truly great feature and I don't understand why they didn't make it so. First of all, not working on networked drives or on the iDisk is dumb. Second, not making a bootable disk is mean. Third, and final strike, you can only use one disk for Back ups. The last point goes against everything that is reasonable with Back ups. If your machine gets stolen with your only back up that's it. I always keep a recent back up separated from my machine... Why doesn't Time Machine allows for one Back up in the office and another at home? Even with a Desktop machine it makes perfect sense to rotate them!

The biggest problem for me didn't occurred on the Mac but on my Airport Base Station. The User part of the disk stopped mounting automagically and couldn't be found at all! It took me forever to discover a very hacky tirck to make it appear and I did sweat somewhat because I had info I need easy access to in there (had to change it to the normal part of the networked disk). The trick is to Connect to server using afp://username: password@IPADDRESS/username that will mount the partition.No idea why Apple did this, probably an oversight for being too busy taking features out of the iPod touch, they also took out Airport Disk Utility...

Safari has improved, but it is still no match for Firefox. Mail is nice now that gmail has come to IMAP senses. All in all the upgrade is cool. Most people should probably wait until a 10.5.1 update fixes the stupid left over mistakes.

When people ask me why I like Formula 1...

I think of this move of Nelson Piquet on Ayrton Senna at Hungaroring 1986:

Jackie Stewart said of this move: "It's like doing a loop with a Boeing 747..."

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