Curiouser and Curiouser


The new MacBook Air 11' introduced yesterday by Steve Jobs is pretty much the machine he criticized when he introduced the original MacBook Air. He said he liked the weight. Thought it was a little thick (the new Air is 0.68 inches... just 0.12 inches below Steve's mark). He hated the screen size "11 or 12 inch", the new MacBook Air is 11.6' and the reduced keyboard, just like in the new Air. Finally he said it was underpowered at 1.2 Ghz. The new machine is only 1.4 Ghz even less than the original Air (1.6 Ghz). I know, I know, it has a new graphic processor! That ought to make it faster. On the other hand, the dirty little secret of the original Air was that it had a feature I called instant overheat, you open it, it overheats. That wouldn't be so bad except that it would then throttle the CPU to 800 Mhz which was too slow for anything. I see no reason why the new machines solve that problem, and since it was underreported on the original Air, I wouldn't buy the new one until serious test are performed by someone I really trust. When Apple moved to Intel processors some of us predicted Apple would have a pricing problem and I think that is confirmed on the new machines. For 1000$ you can get amazing machines including an Alienware M11x with 4GB and a Core i5 processor. Yes, the Air is thinner and lighter and has that wonderful Flash drive that can't be replaced and is utterly insufficient for modern computing, the Alianware is better in every single other respect. I really don't see how anyone can think Apple computers are better... Steve Jobs claims they are the best, but he has said so many stupid things lately.

They may go to Museums but they are still savages

Just spent a lovely weekend in New York. Went to great restaurants and walked my boots off. I really wanted to see the Matisse exhibition so I reserved a time slot. I was very surprised to see a huge line to get into the Museum, but I got in it and waited patiently for opening time. Opening time is 10:30am, isn't that a little late to open? Overall in New York, I felt services are a little off. The good restaurants were fine, as was Juan with my usual taxi service, but in stores it was a crap shoot and sometimes we lost very badly. Anyway, I was in line at the museum, and after they, finally, open the doors, I noticed this nicely dressed couple, trying to cut in line! I stopped them rudely. But they went in after us as if they had been in the line all along. I took it as a sign of how badly civilization is doing. We need to get back to a different way of thinking. People that can't be considerate to others, aren't human enough to enjoy art.

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