Why the Prius has no chance in Venezuela

Gas is 7 cents a gallon! And who benefits in the XXIst century socialism? The rich and the corrupt, of course. Here is the deal: A corrupt guy manages to get government subsidized dollars. He/She exchanges them back in the uncontrolled gray market for a a 70% profit! spending the profit He/She gets a big car. It doesn't matter how much it consumes because gas is cheap, it doesn't matter how much it costs because the money came from "nowhere" (i.e. the people are paying for it with inflation and scarcity of products). Of course, there is a downside. Having a nice car is dangerous, so He/She will have to spend some more in protection, bullet proofing your car is common. But who cares if you have to spend more? The money comes "by magic" right?

On the meantime poor people have to pay a gas of tank every five days (on average) because they have expensive transportation and they have to take several of them (a micro bus, a bus, and subway, usually). If they are delayed and have to take a taxi, that will cost more than a tank of gas! funny thing: They will be the ones to protest if gas goes up by a single weak bolivar...

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

We didn't start the Viral!

Catching a Leopard at The Falls

Against my best judgment I was dragged to The Falls to get Leopard (I wanted to go tomorrow). Here is my graphic report. I may not install Leopard until later next week... This is the entrance to the Apple Store:

This is the beggining of the line:

This is the continuation of the line:

Yep, there was a line and kept going:

Cats among cats:

And the smart cat gets the T-Shirt!

Schumacher was right!

So, Ferrari wins everything this year! Or rather Ron Dennis and McLaren screw up so much that not even with the best driver and the best rookie they manage to win a single title. Jordi came to watch the race with us, but neither expected this. At least we both wanted Hamilton to lose. Be clear about this, McLaren problems are not its drivers. It is Ron Dennis (Wrong Dennis? ) he is well past its prime, he just can't manage to keep up with the times. What should McLaren do? Talk to Hamilton and convince him that he should be a second driver for next year. Make Alonso stay and win something next year, then stay with Hamilton and hire a good friend of him to be a second pilot. Am I happy for Ferrari? Well, yes, sure. But I think this gives Jean Todt too much power. I'd rather have Ross Brown and Schumacher manage the team. Now, we just have to wait for next year... With a lot of pilot movement around: Will Coulthard and Barrichello retire?

Brown was never the new Black!

Not even the old Black! As Woot demonstrates Brown was the least popular color for the Zune. They sold 39.000 Zunes on October 15, at 99$ I even bought one, and the color breakdown was:
* Black – 6865 (66%)
* White – 2123 (20%)
* Brown – 1445 (14%)
And the color I bought? Black, of course.

Liar, Liar your Mac's on fire!

In yesterday announcement about iPhone/iTouch apps, Steve Jobs misrepresented Symbian and Nokia Signing of application. He and, most of the comments, about it make it seem as if you need to sign the application for them to run. This would be uninformed if it wasn't so easy to find the truth: Just use a Nokia Phone. Most applications are not signed. They warn you they are not signed when you install them, but they install and run anyway. What Nokia does is open a set of APIs only to signed applications. An example of how an unsigned application differs from a signed one is that an unsigned application can't send a text message unless the user gives his/her consent every single time. That's the only difference, and that's a pretty open way of doing things. My fear is that Apple will use FUD to give us a less than open system for iPhone/iTouch apps and Apple observers will give Apple it's usual pass.

Why not get it for free while you are at it?

CrunchGear teaches you How to get Mac OS X Leopard for as low as $40. Maybe I had the wrong concept of CrunchGear, but should they be instructing on illegal activities? There are two illegalities in their method. A Student discount requires the user be a student and splitting a copy (further reducing the price to 20$) is against Apple's EULA. Furthermore, if they are going to recommend an illegal activity, while not reduced the price to zero while you are at it! On Saturday 27 you will be able to download Leopard from BitTorrent for sure... I don't think Apple will do activation (Apple Original Advantage? jeje). After all, they are all already retreating on iPhone, iPod touch third party apps and, presumably, their deal with Orange in France will force them to sell the iPhone unlocked... I may just love Apple again! At the very least, I can buy Leopard, paying 130$, without feeling dirty.

Hacking is not illegal and it is fun!

My kids have asked me whether hacking is illegal. I told them it wasn't. That some hackers got in trouble, because they were curious and some companies can't stand people finding out how dumb they really are. So they make laws that are not fair and create enemies in order to squash competition and hide internal problems and stupidity. Hacking should not be illegal, it is fun, and sometimes it shouldn't be necessary.

Case in point: The iPod touch. Go use it in an Apple store see what it can do. Now look into this video to see how much more it can do with a little hacking. Why does Apple does not make its product more appealing? It is a great little computer! Wait for my comparison between a hacked touch and a Nokia N800. I bought the touch with the intention of hacking it. I've tried so many things and restore it so many times I've name it Kenny As in: You've killed Kenny! You bastards!. There are still some things I can't do. For example, Springboard doesn't show all my apps, for example Weather or Notes. I can open them from the terminal, but I can't see them. I wonder why.

In the spirit of my iPod touch name, anyone who thinks I shouldn't be doing this and that Apple is being fair by limiting a powerful device by software and locks, i can only say: Suck my balls!

By-Passing Internet Censorship

Via Boingboing I got word of the Citizen's Lab guide for bypassing Internet censorship and blockades. It is a great guide for anyone that is interested in surfing anonymously and/or securely. With a lot of the warnings for the people whose risks are greater. Highly recommended. You can get the guide here, or email me clicking the envelope on the left if you need it in some other way...

The Ay! Pity!

Good news in the iPod touch hacking front. We already have all the iPhone apps running on the iPod touch. Now, we can stop calling it the Ay! Pity! which is what we say whenever we notice a missing feature. No wonder Apple make the initials say it: iPt... Now, it may become an interesting gadget. Screw you, Apple!

Hundreds of chickens escaped after the crash

Now, this is the kind of news I like to see! As the saying goes: The Chicken always win!

The Two Cubas

Someone goes to Cuba discovers warm water. Good article though...

Chavez in the Limelight

Another triumph of Crest! Long Live the Imperial Eastern Standard Tribe!

Why Demoracy?

Is Democracy for everyone? Democracy is the only form of government that approves its own destruction (eg., Venezuela) Why Democracy?

Stop writing before you stop thinking!

I simply think Gruber lost it here. He is talking supply and demand, concert tickets versus the iPhone. The argument is that concert tickets sold out at the original prices because they are too cheap. He claims that the same argument wasn't used for the iPhone... John, it is the same argument! If something solds out (it's selling too well) is because is too cheap, people will pay more for it. If it is not selling too well, it may be because it's not cheap enough, hence you reduce the price. What part of supply and demand don't you understand? Everyone that argues that Apple is just being agresive with its pricing just likes the spin. The iPhone was never really sold out. You could buy it, it didn't sold on ebay on mark up. Why? Because they had more supply than demand. And that isn't because Apple is great, is because they expected more demand. They didn't get it, hence they lower the price of the iPhone. The aggressiveness argument is spin, but makes it clear: at 600$ it wouldn't have sold as well, we hope it does at 400$, but it won't... Because after the initial surge, iPhones sales will drop, they will not reach the ten million mark. Luckily for Apple we, their loyal customers, had been doing an amazing job selling the Mac. That will save their skin, but no good deed goes unpunished.

Who runs McLaren? Bozo the clown?

I haven't been much of a fan of the current season. But yesterday performance has to be commented. Who runs McLaren? Bush? Bozo the Clown? Chavez? come'n! First they spy on Ferrari, then they spend millions on a World Champion just to mistreat him so much that he spills the beans on the spying. And they lose the Constructor Championship on that (the only one McLaren or Ferrari should care about). Now, on the brink of winning the driver championship they forget that wets go bad when the pavement dries and do not call the point leader, on a race where he could have sealed the championship, even after he lost the lead due to the tyres! If I were Hamilton I would be pissed...

Apple is making it worse...

The biggest change in my life in the last few years is not my disappointment with Apple and my current strong dislike for that company, but my agreement with John C. Dvorak. Since I've been listening to TWIT I found not only that I understand him more, but I see that he is right. His latest has no waste: Apple is revolutionizing the Cellphone business by making it worse for the consumer. The iPhone was robbery from the day it was announced... I hope all the things that Dvorak predicts happen soon...

Ashamed no more!

The other day I went to my neighborhood Apple Genius to get a replace for my battery that had gone kaput and I was somewhat ashamed of the look of my laptop... Would the genius think I was childish? (I am) Would he think I was denigrating Apple? (I wasn't... really). Now, I think my laptop expresses how I feel about Apple, specially the redesign on the logo...

He only bought a suitcase...

So, my friend name appeared in a list of CADIVI. He had to go and justify his single use of the Internet dollars that Venezuela government allows (3000 per year). And so he went. What did he buy? One midsize suitcase. What for? To bring some money into Argentina. Did he had a receipt? No... they let him go nonetheless... No fine, nothing.

Here's to the iPhone Hackers

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