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I got a lot of flack for criticizing the Intel transition by Apple, specially when I started to recommend people to stop buying Power PC machines. My reasoning was that sooner rather than later there will be an Intel only app. Well, little more than a year since announcing the transition, there is already an Intel only app. Brought to you by "What took you so long?" Adobe, which still hasn't give you Photoshop for Intel. Adobe and Microsoft have tried their best to show the worst of the transition. You understand it from Microsoft, though to me the delay on Office has only convince me to try the alternatives, but Why Adobe?

How bad are drugs?

Don't the Rolling Stones show that taking drugs have benefits too? It can't all be bad if Keith Richards has survived so long... I think when the world ends all that remains will be just a bunch of cockroaches and Keith Richards trying to smoke them...

Another anti-Venezuela conspiracy!

The well-known CIA front Reporters Without Borders once again deepens its participation into the anti-Venezuelan conspiracy by placing it number 115 in its "Press Freedom Index". We shall not be fooled by the fact that they call themselves with a French name, or that they dropped the US to the 53d position. We know they are stogy puppies of the empire. North Korea is dead last and I bet they are proud of that. Finland is the number one country. Yes, you can say what you want in Finland nobody cares anyway. Cuba is at the bottom of the list at 165, which is clearly unfair. I mean, in the US you can go to any street and say "Bush sucks!" and nothing will happen to you. In Cuba you can go to any street and say "Bush sucks!" and nothing will happen to you, so why the difference?

Second Move

After putting it off for the longest time I, finally, gave Google Docs a try. With a Word Processor and a Spreadsheet all in the web. I expected limited slow versions, I expected problems loading real files... I found no problems whatsoever. Yes, I still need powerpoint. But for everything else, I think I'll go online...

Massa Wins Race, Alonso Wins Title, Schumcher Wins it all!

In his last race ever Shucmaches had to suffer, but sometimes those are the best races for champions and we had a great race today. Yes, Massa won in his home turf which is great, Alonso won the championship and kudos go to him. But Schumacher said goodbye to racing showing he is still the best racer of them all. Incredible passes and from last to fourth place in amazing form. This will go to the annals of racing and Schumacher will become a legend. We will tell our kids we saw him race, I'll even be able to say I saw him race live (at Indy 2000). For a while we will hear about his shortcomings, about he being a flawed champion, and some will remind us of his aggressive tactics and the times he was caught cheating. But in time that will be forgotten (remember Fangio? ) and that is a pity. Because I prefer heroes that are human, like Schumacher, like Maradona, like Sena. They are much better than the perfect unreachable demi gods that most champions pretend to be but aren't. There are heroes up there and heroes down here, but the best heroes are the ones that have a little in heaven and a little in earth. Thanks Michael for being the best racer ever and still being a human being.

Why they should go...

The Republican dominated congress spent almost ten times more money investigating Bill Clinton than in investigations, including 9/11, during the Bush administration. Specifically, they spent more money on the Monika Lewinsky affair investigation than in the whole 9/11 independent investigation. Why?

US wants to call Venezuela a terrorist state

This article is pure nonsense. Only Carlos "El Chacal" Illich Ramirez has gotten fame as a venezuelan terrorist. The ID thing may be true, but it has been going on for ages in this country. With enough money you can get not only an ID, but a Police badge or whatever you want. This is not Chavez fault (and I am no friend of his).

I've switched...

Once again I am attempting to switch to Firefox from Safari. Following, Sebastian's recommendation I will also attempt to switch to Reader (From NetNewsWire, which I like, but would rather go web based). What had stop me from using Firefox as my only browser was the lack of a check speller (yes, I spell check my post, I swear). Now, with version 2, RC3, it has one. It isn't the integrated with Mac OS X, which I would prefer, but it is better than nothing. I would love to also switch to Thunderbird from Apple's Mail, but, alas, it lacks Exchange support which I, unfortunately, need.

Our Bias...

"What a man believes upon grossly insufficient evidence is an index into his desires -- desires of which he himself is often unconscious. If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence. The origin of myths is explained in this way."
- Bertrand Russell

Sony is going down...


They said so

You won't have an etternity to prove it either...

Stephen Colbert Interviews Biologist Richard Dawkins.

Warning Signs from the Future


An efficient election...

All this talk about whether we should vote or not come December 3rd has really got me thinking. No, I will not go to vote unless there is a clear assurance that my vote will be correctly counted. No fingerprinting machines and a manual recount are the bare minimum requirements. But then that day, there will be long lines, and Venezuelans, being the crazy son-of-bitches that they are, will pretend this is a great sacrifice they are doing for their country, the poor bastards won't even realize they are helping legitimize the government with the long lines. How do I know they will claim this? Because the great sacrifice they are doing now is sending emails and walking in big crowds under the hot sun (perhaps that's what is affecting them? ). So, I have a proposition to prevent this unduly sacrifice. Being the pragmatic and all inclusive type of person that I am, I proposed that we find a way to be counted without going to the poll places. This is what I propose: If you are an opposition partisan that is not afraid to say so and you have a chavista with whom you are on talking terms, get together on December 3rd from the opening of the polls until they close, make a party out of it. Your votes would just cancel each other anyways!!! That way the only people that have to go to the polls are those who are afraid to say who they want to vote for and those who are so lonely that all their acquaintances think like they do. At least for the later type it will be good to meet the gutless pussies, maybe they can protect them, don't you think? I think Chavez and Rosales should do this, nobody is doubting who they will vote for and it would be good for them to get together and exchange pleasantries for a day after being at each other throats for months. Less sacrifices, more efficiencies, less counting, more company, more protection! Man, I'm so smart it's scary!

How come..? (II)

Whenever we spell something we try to make clear what letter we are talking about by mentioning a word (preferably a country) that starts with that letter ("S as in Spain, F as in France, I as in Italy, etc" ) but we don't do the same with numbers? I think that is unfair and creates a potential for confusion that is not acceptable. Being the generous soul that I am I've decided to start... help me out if you find a good one that I missed!
"One as in God"
"Two as in you and me, baby!"
"Three as in The Graces"
"Four as in Poker"
"Five as in the Pentagon"
"Six as in half a dozen"
"Seven as in the days of the week (or the capital sins, for the pious)"
"Eight as in... two cube? (this one is hard! )"
"Nine as in the Muses"
"Ten as in The commandments (very pious, aren't we? )"
"Eleven as in... who the hell knows? "
"Twelve as in the months of a year"
You get my drift...

I just made a comercial...


For the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team. Vote for me!

That's a relief...


I get home drunk at 3 am, my wife is mad as hell, so I tell her I just spent 4000$ in whores and drinks... she was so relieved when she found out it was only 400$ that she didn't complained at all...

Schumy blows engine, Alonso pretty much champion!

Win puts Alonso on brink of title
Fernando Alonso wins the Japanese GP to move within touching distance of the world title as Michael Schumacher's Ferrari breaks down. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

We've seen this movie before...

Mass Venezuela opposition rally
Tens of thousands march in Caracas in support of opposition presidential hopeful Manuel Rosales. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

People are so stupid, they'll refuse free money

It say so here.
Yet in practice derisory offers are declined all the time. Indeed, if the sum is less than £2.50, four out of five of us tell the selfish so-and-so to get lost. We get so angry at his deliberate unfairness that we are prepared to incur a cost to ourselves, purely to punish him.
And researchers think this stupidity is the root of terrorism.

Ferrari on Pole, but with Massa

F1: Ferrari in top position
Felipe Massa heads an all-Ferrari front row in qualifying at the Japanese Grand Prix, with Renault's Fernando Alonso only fifth fastest. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Get consent first!

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