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Bothavior: The behavior of a bot. From Neal Stephenson Novel Reamde.

Does HP stands for Hudsucker Proxy?

With all the mismanagement at HP during the last year, The Wall Street Journal has sort of wondered if HP is just committing sepuku, but lately after my experience ordering a rebated Touchpad, I have to wonder if this isn't just an imitation of the Movie The Hudsucker Proxy. In that movie a great owner CEO is substituted with a presumed incompetent fool in order to drive the price of the stock down and be able to buy the company. In the case of the movie the fool has a great idea "you know, for kids" which is the Hula Hoop (Touchpad). It doesn't sell well until they sell it a rock bottom prices and they raise the price and have a hit on their hands and everything is peachy.

Of course, with HP we have not seen the second part of the Movie, but I have to wonder, are they trying to destroy the company in order to buy it cheap? Case in point, I ordered my HP Touchpad on August 21st, my card was authorized, I received an email on August 23d saying that my order was from that day (false) and that I would get a shipment notification in 3 days (also false). They also say they have had so manuy orders they were swamp, etc, etc. On Monday 29th I received an email saying that if my order was placed before Monday 22nd at 4am (CT) I would get my Touchpad but my order would be canceled if it was placed after that date. You know my problem, I certainly ordered before that day (and my card was authorized), but the order has a later date. Trying to call HP has proven useless, email only gets a canned response talking about the deluge of orders. Ok, assume a deluge... Fine, but it's been 10 days already! I sort of thought I wasn't getting it, and that was confirmed with the disappearance of the authorization on my credit card. But then yesterday I get an email that my card declined the charges, to fix the problem with my bank because they would try again the next day. I did that, the problem with my bank was that it didn't returned the authorization amount to the virtual card I was using. Trying to call HP just got me 45 minutes of piped music. Today the charged passed again, it is an authorization again, and my order has not changed. So, not only is HP incapable of making a decision about WebOS or the Personal Systems Group, they can't even tell me whether my order will ship or not, or when... It is now closed to two weeks and I still don't know anything, except my card has an authorization. How hard is it really to have some guys check the inventory and fulfill orders in the order they come. Amazon does it, Apple does it, I am willing to bet, both of them with more orders that HP.

So, this is my theory, HP stands for Hudsucker Proxy, and we just have to wait if the plan to drive the stock to the ground works and the bad guys win, or they manage to resurrect the Touchpad into a success of Hula Hoop proportion. Me? I am just waiting for a decision on my order...

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