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Apple is AT&T's Bitch

So, the only good thing of the lackluster presentation by Apple is that Steve Jobs is recuperating from his illness. Pity that the company isn't. They finally said that the new Shuffle is it, putting colors and eliminating the old one. I guess they want statistics on how many assholes use computers and listen to music. They put a camera on the Nano, but not on the touch. Why? Because it would need a microphone. Now I am convinced that in the initial deal between AT&T and Apple they agreed that Apple would not produce an iPhone without the phone part and specifically prevents Apple to put a microphone on a product like the touch. So instead of having a great music player with GPS, VOIP, camera etc, we have a NIntendo DSi, wait, make that a dumbed down Nintendo DSi, after all the DSi has two cameras and a microphone.

Apple is AT&T's Bitch, that much is clear to me, but it may also explain why the top Nokia phones are never picked up by US Carriers. Nokia makes a tablet that runs Skype. It has a microphone (and a camera) and they intend to keep making such devices. So, Nokia refuses to put out and the US carriers are trying to strangle it. Apple puts out, plenty.

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