If you care about your rights don't buy the iPhone

So says Salon, while Gizmodo re-reviews the Phone and says: Do not buy it (where have I heard that before? ). But the best is 9to5mac compares Apple official 1.1.1 firmware with the hacked 1.0.2 version and Wired draws the following graphical conclusion:

Worth repeating from two years ago...

Think Same

Here's to the boring ones.
The bland.
The tedious.
The vapid.
The square pegs in the square holes.
The ones who can't see further than the ends of their noses.

They're fond of rules.
And they worship Status Quo.
You can yawn at them, agree with them, forget them,
go along with them or be forced to accept them.
About the only thing you can't do is have an alternative.

Because they keep things the same.
They stagnate. They hold back. They fester.
They decline. They expire.
They hold the human race back.

Maybe they have to be boring.
How else can you stare at Vin Diesel and see art
Or listen to Britney Spears and hear beautiful music?
Or gaze at another country and want to conquer it?

We make tools for these kinds of people.
While some see them as the boring ones, we see them as a ticket to a fat back hander.

Because the people who are boring enough to think they can hold the world back,
are the ones who inherit the earth.
Think same

And Apple repeats history

It's the same story...

Once upon a time Sony was a kewl company. Not only it invented the Walkman, but it gave us the Betamax, which was called by Jack Valenti, a Jack The Ripper for the movie industry. It fought a bitter battle and won! We, the users, had a right to time shift TV content. The Movie industry ended up making billions more, Sony lost to VHS... and then, it bought Music and Movie studios and from then on it went into a very dangerous downslope. It created formats (mini Disc, ATRAC) that were severely limited and user unfriendly. Users no longer had rights. The company forgot who were the real, final clients. Even the PSP, and perhaps the PS3, could have been great if it weren't artificially limited by its maker. Sony is in poor shape and probably it will get worse before it gets better... If it ever does...

Once upon a time, Microsoft was a great company. No, I am serious! It gave us DOS for computers that weren't made by IBM. Heck, we could even make our own systems! It reduce the price of productivity software by inventing the Office Suite. It even made Flight Simulator! And if you don't remember excitement when you think of the first time you saw Flight Simulator... You just don't remember excitement at all. Microsoft make computer cheap and Windows 95 put Graphical interface in everybody's desktop... But something happened... Microsoft realized that its real paying clients were the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and that final users were just that... users... Hence, it started to create product that were artificially limited. It decided that fighting piracy was more important than the preferences of its users (they were not the clients after all). Finally, it married itself to the content producers in the Movie and Music industry and created file formats and DRM that had limitations no user could stand. Microsoft is still doing well, thanks to a Monopoly and illegal activities that were not punished heavily. But still, Microsoft has lost relevance and will probably lose a lot more before it gets better... if it ever does...

Now it is Apple turn. After years of touting Open Source and giving the user what it wanted... yes, Apple was a great company. It gave us a modern OS. It gave us the graphical interface. It created the desktops and laptops that changed the computer industry and gave us the Mp3 player. It even paved the way to sell music online... But, something happened... Apple decided to sell a Phone, a cell phone, tied to a carrier... But then Apple realized that AT&T was its client, the users were just that users. But Apple was making so much money that it decided that was the business model. Instead of giving the user what it wanted, Apple created crippled products, like the iPod touch, limited just because Apple wants it to be limited. That's the story today. Apple doesn't believe you are a client if you bought the iPhone... You have to buy the whole package, as they want... If you unlock it, you no longer count. Apple is doing great now, is on top of the World... But so were Sony and Microsoft at some point. They were loved by many (including me), the three are now despised by many (including me). Apple will get a lot worse before it gets better... If it ever does...

Shame on you, Steve Jobs! You fought against the (old) AT&T, you were supposed to be different. You were supposed to understand the "Crazy Ones", The ones who do not want to conform... Guess what? We don't want to conform to your dictates when they don't suit us. Go ahead, try to ignore us!

P.D. Don't worry about my wife's iPhone. We just won't update it. We won't buy music in iTunes through the iPhone... Actually, we won't buy music in iTunes anymore... And my next computer may not run Mac OS X...

The rules of surprise

Can Batman save the Senator?

Lady and the Cats

What happens when we forget how to play...

I wonder what the story is behind this scene...

After trying an iPhone for a week

I still think it is crap! Some people have criticized my critique of the iPhone arguing that I've never used one for an extensive period. Fair enough, since my wife wanted an iPhone I decided to buy a discounted 4GB from Apple (300$) and proceeded to unlock it using one of the free methods found on the intarwebs. I tried the phone for a while and I can't believe the things people have not said about it. Such glaring mistakes and not a peep from the users?

First, there is no contact application. If you want to give someone a phone number from your contact list, you have to press phone, then contacts then search give the phone number. If at that moment the person said to send the contact a message with a heads up you have to go back to the home screen and then press SMS and search again. Brilliant, no? The problem is that there are no contextual menus, no way to do things with the data in the screen. I have no idea why Apple made such a bad decision. Perhaps is to keep the interface simple, but sometimes simple is not the answer...

Battery life is a utterly crappy as in the Windows phones or the Nokia N95. If during a day you make some calls, send a lot of messages, use bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and hear music, you probably won't make it back home with your iPhone on.

The keyboard is so bad is not even funny. There is no way you can really hit the right letter. To the people who have said you get use to it I challenge them to prove they can type faster than a similar experienced T9 or BlackBerry or Treo User. The iPhone texting is the worst experience of any phone. And how provincial is it of Apple to have English only predictive texting? They sell Spanish keyboards in their US website so someone in Apple knows that some US Citizens know other languages.

Finally, I hadn't thought thru the consequences of the recessed standard mini stereo jack: Went out of the house thinking I will listen to music from the iPhone in the car, only to discover that the FM tuner thingy had a jack to big to fit... Had to use my trusty N95, while using as GPS, still arrived home with juice to spare.

I guess hype is hype...

Great renting experience

I had a great renting experience at PepeCar last week. I tried Avis, but they didn't have a van available, tried Hertz and they wanted to charge me 400€ for the van (for one day! ). In desperation I tried Alamo and got a Van for a day for 100€, but they email me the next day to tell me my car selection wasn't available, sure enough they had jacked the price up for the same car! On advice of a friend I rented from pepecar. The rent for a day was 60€, there were no other charges and that included all taxes! Another friend confirmed they were excellent, but advised me that they put a huge ad on the doors, which I don't mind. The only surprise was that they gave me the car with an empty tank, which made me try to calculate how to return it on empty too, which is hard, but not harder than trying to calculate the farthest gas station you can fill in and get away with it! All in all a great experience, if you need a car in Spain I recommend you go to pepecar.com. The Logo is pretty too.

McLaren heavily punished

Dedicated to all those McLaren fans that consider Michael Schumacher a Cheater... Ron Dennis and McLaren have received the harshest sentence in the history of the sport. Even the The New York Times had to report it. Luckily, the drivers were spared. McLaren has been stripped of all points these season. Hence, Ferrari is likely to win the title by this weekend race. Furthermore, Mr. Dennis and McLaren have bigger problems as the italian justice is on the case and they will not let it go easily.

Being superstitious is for the ignorant

Not being superstitious brings bad luck.

Actually, this explains a lot...

If you can't understand why the world is in the mess it is, just take a look at this CNN Video. Forget about Bush and what he's rambling about, just look over his right shoulder through the Window... Yes, it's the Alien that control George W. Bush. Ahhh! Now, it all makes sense!


A promise fulfilled by Chavez!

American Taliban

Yep, They are everywhere.

Thoughts and Questions about today's Apple announcement

Some are repetitive, but these are my first thoughts and questions:

1) Why doesn't the iPod Touch have email?

2) Can you get podcasts directly on the touch?

3) The new colors are terrible! Save the (Red)...

4) What happened with the Beatles?

5) Can you imagine the touch (or the iPhone) with iChat and Skype? Actually, if it were a plattform...

6) The drop of price on the iPhone is a sign that the iPhone is not selling as expected. I don't think Apple has ever reduced a price so drastically so soon after introducing a product. It is not the only sign, the iPhone wasn't unavailable for long and Apple expected it to be...

7) Isn't it funny that the Zune drop its price by 50$ today? 199$ will get you a 30GB Zune or an 8 GB Nano, for 249$ you get the iPod Classic with 80GB!!! Come on Microsoft! Either drop the price to 99$ or get out of the Market!

9) I think the Touch and the iPhone compete in completely differentiated markets, not with each other.

10) The Touch will be a hit in markets where the iPhone hasn't launched yet. It is a way for Apple to milk those markets until the iPhone appears.

11) Everybody who followed my advice not to get an iPhone must be pretty happy now... You can get it now if you want, you should be able to unlock it soon.

12) Apple really has a knack for getting the pricing right! So that unless you really know what you want you will have to think a lot about what to get....

It took a lot less than the Zune...

A two year old, HP branded, 20GB iPod took a lot less to be Sold Out at Woot than a 30GB White Zune did a few days ago... I wonder why...

Real Dolls, Real Men?

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