The Flying Spaghetti Monster is Everywhere!


I know His Great Lordship is Everywhere, but what is it with the Rubik like Cube?

Foucault's Pendulum

Foucault showed that the earth rotated with a very public experiment in the Pantheon, he hung a huge Pendulum and showed that it moves laterally during the day. In the video you can see the pendulum at the Musee des Arts et Metiers (one of the greatest science museums in the World) pushing a metal rod as it move with earth's rotation. There is also a short video with the Pantheon current pendulum at the end.

Apple does right by me... With a lot of help from my friend.

So, as I told you before, Apple refused to honor the AppleCare Warranty on my Air with the Hinge problem. After publishing that story I got some advice. Some thought I should go to an authorized dealer in Venezuela and ask them to do it. Another advice sounded weird, but interesting to me. @cgranier recommended to just taking it to another Apple Store. I didn't have time so I asked my friend to do it.
(no, she didn't go to the Apple Store in a bikini)
Turned out she went all Social Engineer on them. Told them she was thinking of buying one and I was against it, so I loan her mine and see what happened! Hinge problem! She also mentioned how good of an Apple client I was... Who knows if it was her looks, the story, my buying history (he did check), or simply that she stumbled upon a great Apple employee, but my machine is fixed and I am happy. More with my friend than with Apple.

Pau, France


Licensing My Money

I've decided to stop buying things, or rather to stop paying for them. From now on when I hand money to someone, I am just licensing my money. The money is still mine and I hold the copyright to it (I'll draw a cartoon in each bill to make this all legal). If you accept the money you accept the licensing conditions, they are in my wallet and you can demand to see it, I call it a wallet-wrapped license. I think this is an appropriate solution to today's world.

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