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this everyone that was downloading Battlestar Galactica from BitTorrent instead of paying for them should feel really glad and continue to do so without a guilty conscience.

Rejected Love is Cartoons

Thanks eMe!

The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain

Thanks Gabo!

Long Live the Imperial Eastern Standard Tribe!

This is absolutely top secret. Luckily nobody reads this site. I was in Canada for a top secret training with the Ultra Top Secret SCS (Sécurité Canadienne Secrète). They have sent me back to Venezuela with the Secret Mission of creating the Counter Reactionaries for Eastern Standard Time (CREST). We will resist the propose time change by Hugo Chavez and his Pro Pacific Standard Tribe infiltrators. Despite our pro empire stance (this is our logo)

we will not opposed any of the other reforms. Let Chavez govern forever, after all we are quite pleased with Osama, Hugo, and George plan to keep oil prices high until alternative forms of energies are almost cost effective. Let the Central Bank disappear. But, messing with our allegiance to the Eastern Standard Tribe? Further isolating us with the half hour thing? That's even worse than joining the Central Standard Tribe (those morons!). The Eastern Standard Tribe and SCS will use all its resources to opposed this plan. So, everybody tell everyone to join while at the same time keep it all a secret, ok?

Nokia Maps show why Ubica2 stink

Being outside the US has made me use the Nokia Maps add. It's kind of ridiculous that they ask you to buy routes (you can only simulate them until you do), and the GPS is slow, but usable while walking. While driving it's so so, you really had to get the GPS going before starting the car which is a hassle. But the app itself is fast and logically designed. It makes me wonder what were the designer of the Venezuela only map app Ubica2 thinking. They made a big effort to make the maps, but then decided to put them in a useless wrapper. If they have sold the maps (with routes) to Nokia it would have been better for them and for us. As it is they have probably delayed the use mapping applications by several years as people will think Ubica2 is all you can get. Nokia Maps show Ubica2 sucks. Digitel and Movistar should fix it or get out of the game...

Zune on rebate..

As predicted here the Zune is already on heavy rebate. On Woot less than a year after it comes out! And it isn't selling there either...

Do you like my new Tie Clip?

Went to the Tam Tams in Montreal

I even dance a beat...

Alien Arcimboldo

My friends tell me

that I always point at problems but never give solutions, but they never tell me what I can do about it...

Mira: A star that makes stars

A comet like star ejects material that will later become a star. The star is called Mira which means wonderful. Wonderful indeed. A NASA made animation of the star.

Rivals forever

I'm just asking...

Why instead of a "Bono del Sur" the Venezuelan Government doesn't just give each of us a briefcase like the one in Argentina? Call it "Bono de la Maleta"

Serious about Series

It was recently discovered that Indian mathematicians had discovered infinite series way before Newton. Furthermore, they taught them to the Jesuit monks that may have taught them to Newton! I love this development because I always thought (and it may be true) that Series are the real basis for the functional calculus instead of the Physics stuff. Perhaps, this is the reason that Newton was shy about publishing. He was afraid to be call out as a plagiarist. But why not give credit? Certainly his contribution was good enough to make him famous anyway.

The biggest stock scam of all time!

With the help of Microsoft, the Press, and a complecent government, SCO mounted the biggest stock fraud of all time. The Stock went from less than 1$ to almost 20$, and it turns out they didn't even own the Intellectual Property in question and now the stock has returned to its worthless value. Don't kid yourself thinking anyone will investigate. A lot of people were scam out of their money, but that's the way it goes...

Google screws video DRM providers and customers

I've been saying for ages that you shouldn't buy video that you can't burn into DVDs or music you can't burn on CDs. The problem as Google has decided to demonstrate is that you own nothing. The company closes the authentication service (as Google has done) and you no longer own anything. Google is being "nice" returning your money, but nasty by using "Google Checkout" to do it. Other companies will not be so nice.

To text is the new sex?

a diagram tracking all the phrases of the form "something is the new something else" has some interesting perspectives...

The Cinquecento is back!

The Fiat Cinquecento (500) is one of the symbolic cars of all time. With the Mini, the VW Beetle, and the Citroen 2CV, it represents the resurgence of Europe as an automotive and industrial power, after the economic debacle caused by the Second World War. The cars were all similar and all different. What is nice about those cars is that they competed with each other but were fundamentally different cars appealing to slightly different needs. Of all the Mini and the 500 are probably the closest. Appealing to a sporty client without much money. Yes, you needed to modify them but it could be done. Because the others didn't make it to America, only the Beetle had a movie made. The Beetle and the Mini had been revived with much success and now Fiat has follow suit, I guess we just have to wait for Citroen now. The car looks great and seems to be cheap enough to be as successful as it predecessor, which sold more than 4 million units (and that is still a lot of cars). I wonder if we will see it in this parts of the globe...

Stupid people do not understand good questions

This week Apple had an event to announce the new iMac. It looks good and has a good price and at least it is different. But it is not different enough for me. In the event jobs also explained the new iLife, which I can't understand what it really does different, but I guess you have to use it to get it (and get it to use it) and the new iWork. I'km really happy with Numbers, Apple new spreadsheet. I'm not a heavy spreadsheet user, but I can at least make decent charts for presentations now, thanks to Numbers. That's good. No new MacBooks and the Pro version is getting old... You don't have much time Apple, Dell will come out with the cheap tablet and I will jump ship! Come on! Throw me a bone here.

Jobs knew the presentation was thin on interest so he ended with a surprise answer questions from the audience. Bob Keefe stood up and asked why Apple does not participate in the Intel Inside Sticker program. And the whole world of Mac Nuts went Nuts! Saying that was a stupid question. But it wasn't, it was really a very insightful question, but Apple seems to get a pass at those from the Mac Fanatic. Listen, the Intel Sticker program is an easy program to understand. If you use Intel processors you get a rebate if you put a sticker in the Machine that says so. It's free money unless you don't want to use Intel processors. Now, it will decrease the Mac brand value if Apple put the sticker in there, so the question is: How does Apple decides that maintaining the brand value (which is an intangible) is worth more than the money in the bank that Intel would give? Furthermore, we all have the suspicion that Apple deal with Intel is different from the deal Intel makes with a similar sized manufacturer. Now, what does that entails? Is Apple getting a deal close to the one Dell or HP has without having the size? Is part of the deal getting the money without having to put the stickers? Come on, guys! These are the things a mac journalist or blogger or researcher would try to find out! And Mr. Keefe question is a great starting point. If there weren't so many Mac Nuts using the Mac would feel less Nutty. But there is really no need to give Apple a pass in answering questions. Don't be stupid about questions. That was no stupid question, the answer and the response from the mac Nuts was pretty stupid.

Would you rather be smart or happy?

Everybody should read this book. Ever since Cory Doctorow created the phrase that titles this post, which I have described as a virus for humans, I've been interested on why it is so. I'm convince that you have to chose between being smart or happy at every point in your life, the thing is you can't make a global choice. Want to know why? Read Stumbling on happiness by Daniel Gilbert, it is a wonderful book full of a lot of my pet theories well explained and intertwined. Why can't we chose? Because we reject the most precise way to predict how we will feel in the future: Finding someone that is experiencing what we expect to experience. And we reject it because of a prejudice that Daniel Dennett described as the fact that there are two kinds of people: Me and Everyone else. So, if you want to know why the things that you thought will make you happy fail to do so, read this book and answer the question: Would you rather be smart or happy?

Make it easier for hackers, that's the idea...

This article implies that the new rights-reducing, wiretapping law that allows Bush and his mafiosi to spy on Americans instead of actually capturing Osama bin Laden or someone else guilty of September 11, will provide a way for hackers to spy on everybody. I hope it is so, that way we will find out if bin Laden, GW, and Hugo are really friends and co-conspirators as I have suspected all along.

Best GPS ever! (for a Geek)

Engadget gets asked for advice on the best GPS available, here is my answer:
If you are a geek get an old version of Microsoft Streets & Tips with an USB GPS Unit (about 30$) throw away the CD then get a converter for the GPS to make it Bluetooth (about 60$), THEN get a Nokia 770 (around 150$ TigerDirect (yech) has them) throw in a large RS-MMC Card (25$ for 2GB). Install Maemo Mapper put the repositories for Google and such and download the maps you want thru Wi-Fi before trips. You spent 265$ (which is more than a lot of decent GPS), but you get so much more! Installing Flite you even get voice directions which are... usable. Of course you have to download routes and maps, but you can do this through your bluetooth-enabled phone... provided your phone and your plan allow this. I know is hard, but I did it and my personal geek status increased a bunch. My Girlfriend still looks at me weird, but hey, we are not lost if we don't stop!
I actually did this, but I felt the urge to upgrade to the N800... I enjoyed my little GPS experiment and I use the N800 as a picture frame, internet radio, and bathroom Internet connection...

It could be much worse

I've heard some people complain about how hard it is to read out loud an URL. Yes, it can be hard to spell out But, really, it could be much worse. We could still be using Morse Code and that URL would read:

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