Wake me up when I am wrong

The Wall Street reported that after much investigation, the U.S. Department of Transportation concluded that I was right from the start.

My Alienware Fiasco

Two and a half years ago I needed a new computer. I was already down on Apple, but wasn't totally ready to make the jump. I decided, with the help of a friend, to get two computers: A MacBook Air and Dell XPS m1330. The reasoning was that the Dell was cheap, so both computers will cost less than a very powerful laptop and I no longer needed super computer powers. After all, most of my screen time is spent in front of a browser. My most CPU intensive application is iTunes (which I hate, but can't find a subsitute for), so, who cares if both machines were not super fast? I decided to buy the Dell with Linux as I wasn't ready to use XP (and never will be!). The result of this experiment was my final break up with Apple. The MacBook Air turned out to be a terrible machine. Underpowered even for my meager needs, unreliable, it would get hot and slow after just a few minutes of use. I was delighted when I finally got rid of that machine. The Dell, by contrast, was a delight! So sturdy, that a month ago it fell from a height of over 5 feet and survived (everything except the hard drive... Did I mention the machine was on at the time? ). I still have it and use it, but over time I discover that I needed some power to watch High Definition video. After flirting with the idea of getting an iPad I came to my senses and bought a tricked up Alienware M11x. The trick was that this was a small machine to travel, though it is heavy, it has less cpu than the Dell, but it has two graphic cards, a slow one that gives you six hours of battery life, and fast one that gives you High definition glory and Gaming abilities like no other machine I've ever owned. The Dell moved to TV computer substituting my aging TablePC. Before doing that I installed Windows 7 on it. Yes, Linux is fine, but I still need the stupid iTunes, and Windows 7 is a very good OS, as good as Mac OS X, with more features and cheaper machines. The Alienware was made by Dell so everything was fine... For a week! I started noticing minor things with the Alienware, one speaker didn't seem to work, one USB port was inconsistent, then one day the machine wouldn't boot up, nothing would show on screen. I thought well, that's why they have warranties, right? It happens, sometimes you get a dud. But it was Dell and they will fix it as they have every single issue. After calling Dell support it seemed I was right. They will come to my place with a new Motherboard and fix everything. But they didn't... First, it was like a game they would come to my home, when I wasn't there, let's change it to my office, ooops! your service order is canceled? Canceled? No! Completed! Completed? Let's start over... After two weeks of song and dance they came and fix the motherboard, during this process everybody I talked to was kind helpful and a little puzzled with everything I was telling them. So now the machine boots, but the flaky USB port didn't work (it was broken) and the speaker wouldn't sound. The technician came again, fix the USB port and then told me the machine only had one speaker... What? One speaker with only one channel? that didn't make sense! He insisted he had opened another one of these and it had only one speaker. My hypothesis is that there was a bunch of these where the manufacturer failed to put the right speaker in. The technician is just a part changer, and he hasn't seen the part to change it, so he doesn't know where it goes. I will call again when I have time to try to have this fixed. Right now, I have a glorious machine sans one speaker, and a feeling Dell is in trouble even in something as simple as the acquisition of a small computer company called Alienware. Quality is not where it should be and the service is a hotchpotch of different procedures and companies. Still, better than Apple...

¡Y Viva España!

Well, the World cup is over, I have written very little, but have enjoyed it a lot. I am very happy with Spain as champions, as they deserve it and dominated matches in an interesting way. They were a real team, which is key in World Cup success. South America didn't do so well in the second round achieving only a fourth place by Uruguay. Europe has now more World Cup Championships than South America, for the first time in a long while (10 to 9), but I insist Europe Qualification round for the World Cup is bad for Europe, they need to find a way to put their best teams forward. For this they need to send less teams. Impressive that the stars didn't do well. Forlan shined, Iniesta proved to be a very good player (pity he plays for hated Barcelona). But Messi, Kaka, Drogba, Cristiano Ronaldo and others were practically a no show. I started to wonder if it wouldn't have been better for their teams to skip them and give somebody new a try. No coach will dare do such a thing and I imagine FIFA having a fit if they did. We need the stars to generate revenue. The refereeing is still far in the silly side. I think they should institute a rule that any player that spends 5 seconds on the ground has to get out of the field for ten minutes to get proper attention. That way you should reduce the fake injuries. Next stop Brazil 2014. Will we have another Maracanazo?

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