Overheard at The Temple of Dendur

"So, how did they get all these here all the way from Egypt?"

Ferrari Store at Aventura

Ferrari has oppened two stores in the US. One in Aventura, Fl and another on Beverly Hills, Ca. There is a lesson in that... I am just saying.

Depressingly Scary Thought of the Day

Next time you are in a crowded public place look at the people around you and think: "I am just like them."

Buy it online...

My Open email to Steve Jobs received no answer, I guess he is way too sick to answer email, except from some Apple fanboys who question why I didn't buy what I wanted online... Great, except I didn't have anything in mind, I wanted to browse. Most of the people buying the iPhone are buying it sights unseen, is that rational? Well, it is as irrational as my experiences at two other retailers. In Best Buy I wanted to buy a camera, they had the one I wanted in several colors, but when I asked for it I was told they only have the silver one, the others you have to buy online. I wanted the silver so no problem. At Circuit City they told me that the Asus eee PC I wanted was only available online. So I bought it online... at Amazon. It is very stupid for a store to be telling, or rather forcing, customers to buy online. What they are telling me is: Don't come here anymore, everything is online. They are losing serendipity, finding something you didn't know existed or wanted. If I buy everything online... What will happen to those stores? They won't even move online, I'll just use Amazon anyway.

Open email to Steve Jobs

Dear Steve,

Just wanted to drop a comment about an experience at the Apple Store at Lincoln Rd. in Miami Beach today. First, let me start by saying that I am an user of Apple products since the company started. From the Apple II to the MacBook Air, I have bought every computer I've own from Apple (save one). I bought the first edition of the iPod and the last generation and tons of them in between.

Today I was told I couldn't browse at the Apple Store. Not that I would have to wait to enter, I just could not get in unless I knew what I wanted to buy. From the best experience in retailing, the Apple Store has turned into a private club with the iPhone, plus an AT&T two year contract, as the price of admission. I do not buy locked phones and I do not like exclusive clubs. I am afraid this means the MacBook Air on which I am typing this is my last Apple computer. I had a better experience buying a Dell (with Linux) anyway.

I know you don't care you are losing me as a faithful customer. I know I am not your target anymore. I am just a person that loves technology and hates being told he doesn't belong.

Alfredo Octavio

OpenMoko: Lots of stupid people with a High IQ

I really wanted to like the Freerunner, the presumably free and open alternative to the iPhone. But I think it is nothing more than a toy for people interested in open source. Out of the box the phone can't connect to WiFi has no configuration options, actually I didn't even have a menu that one can clearly see in the instructions. Yes, I did figure it out, and I am sure I will figure out how to connect to WiFi and update and get apps and so on... But it is absurd! Even more so than the Nokia Tablet. Really, any consumer, even one that has dare to buy a Linux laptop, will return this device for sure. It's like my friend used to say about academics... There is a lot of stupid people in Open Source with a High IQ.


These days I've been having a lot of conversations that start with "but aren't you an Apple fan?" and the answer to that is: No. I've never been a fan of any company. I am a fan of some products and of some technologies. But as for companies, I do not like them most of the time. But now Apple has cross a line forcing me to become an Apple detractor. They've done what I, and others, have criticized other companies for years. You see Apple's MobileMe doesn't work with Internet Explorer. While Apple Fanboys will applaud the move, specially because Apple says that it is because Explorer has "problem with web standards." Not supporting the most popular browser is stupid and incompetent way beyond supporting only Explorer, which few sites do today. It s amazing that Apple hasn't learn that those petty moves are counter productive always. And I know what you, the fanboy, will say: I don't need Explorer! But you do! unless you are stupid too. Assume you are at a friends house, didn't bring your computer because it was a party, your phone ran out of battery, it was a good party, your friend asks you for a phone number of a common friend, let's invite her to the party! You say, no problem let me connect to MobileMe in a sec... wait, chances are your friend has Windows with Explorer, yes, you can install Firefox, but by the time you are done... The party has died off... Thanks Apple! You are dumb.

A smelly nation...

Told to a friend... So, now you have to pay 15$ per checked bag, but they still won't allow you more than 6oz. of liquid in the carry on... This is a plot! A plot to transform the US into a smelly nation!

Obama's Fear

Obama needs the support of the democratic party in his presidential ambition. The democratic party was complicit in the crimes committed by Bush's government. That is why they are blocking the investigation of any wrong doing. Nancy Pelosi in particular, leader of congress for the democratic party, was complicit with the illegal wiretapping program. The biggest fairy tale indeed...

The effect of violent video games on teens

After my 13 year old son finished GTA4 I ask him whether it had been a bad influence... Do you feel like doing these things in real life? He said, Right, being persecuted and shoot at by police while the Mob is after me... That's how I want to live my life... My conclusion is that violent video games teaches sarcasm.

The Constitution shouldn't be compromised

Congress has granted retroactive immunity to the telcos on the illegal US government wiretapping program. This, as GITMO, shows the current leaders of the US do not believe in their justice system. They want to hide criminals instead of judging them. Both presidential candidates supported the bill. For McCain is par for the course, proving he is just Bush 2.0. For Obama is a huge disappointment, proving that Bill Clinton was right when he said Obama was the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen. Quite right. There is no hope. Hillary voted against, proving that she would have been a better candidate. Obama will lose and the current status quo will be prolonged through this strategy by the Democratic party of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Caption this Photo!


"Oh No, another wardrobe malfunction!"

"I hope no one notices it"

"I'm looking to hook up with a powerful gay man"

"If this happens with pants, imagine what happens with planes!"


Well Said, Melvyn

What a shame that we spend so much time demonising so few and so little time taking account of the many people who not only keep things going, but push things forward and do so in a manner and style which slots in very easily with the best of what we are.

- Melvyn Bragg

Old iPhone may be more expensive than new iPhone

From what I hear Apple plans to sell the iPhone 3G in stores only, not online, and the 199$ price implies you successfully activate it in stores. Otherwise, you'll have to pay more than 450$ (for the 8GB version). At first some people thought that after July 11th the old iPhone could be have for cheap. I now think this is wrong. The iPhone 3G will be very hard to unlock, at first because of the new firmware, later, because the cost of getting an iPhone without an associated AT&T line will be prohibitive. Furthermore, there are rumors that Apple may block an iPhone with 2.0 firmware when it connects to iTunes without an associated AT&T account. Since it is almost certain that the iPhone 3G will be unable of running the 1.1.4 firmware, the only safe unlockable phones (at least at first) will be the old iPhones. Most of the new sales of old iPhones went to unlockers. Everyone could get one in an AT&T store, but more than half of those bought in Apple stores went unactivated. Apple will not have those sales, but current AT&T clients will upgrade eventually, if the cost is right, creating a small but steady stream of old iPhones that can be unlocked. This will push the price of an unlocked iPhone first upwards and then down, as we discover that the iPhone may be a innovative device, but the business plan it is tied to, plus the fickleness of the mobile phone buyer, makes it just a fad. Most of the people buying iPhones are not using its features anymore than they used the features of Motorola RAZR and still the iPhone has sold but a fraction of what that previous sales champ sold. The only hope for Apple is that the reports that its computer market share is growing upwards 10% are true, and they may well be.

Oil Shortage? High gas prices? It's all a scam!

If anyone has any doubt about the financing meddling to raise the price of oil, read this article in the New York Times. Selected quote:
With all this oil becoming available, the Aramco officials said they were baffled that the market seemed to be behaving as though there were a shortage.
The price of oil, and consequently the price of gas, is a scam of Enron proportions. Remember the rolling blackouts in California? What happened to those? They were caused by an artificial shortage, just as the price of oil now. And, again, the US government is in collusion with the speculators and nobody, not even Chavez, will call their bluff.

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