My new Mach 5!

With all the traveling and hard work I forgot to tell everybody that I bought a sweet Corvette. The only American made car worth owning. Yes, I know it's white and has red interior, but it was cheap and well kept with low milleage. And you know what? It looks like Meteoro's Mach 5. I'm even thinking of putting a yellow and red 5 on the sides. The car is nice, fast, and stable. It only really shines on a racetrack, so that's where I'll take it. If you don't like it, that's okey. After all, you'll just barely get to see my taillights.

Make them regret taking the picture

Interesting technology allows one to put images that can only be seen thru a camera. As seen in the lame examples they have thought of pretty useful applications of the idea. I'm reminded of a friend that used to help dozens of tourist wandering thru London, they would ask him to take their picture and he would do it gladly but he would botched the picture badly, cutting their heads from the shot or something like that. Of course, this was before digital cameras, but know technology may allow us to make people regret taking pictures again...

You know you've been in planes too long...

When you attempt to wash your hands and wave your hands below the faucet and get very surprised that the infrared sensor doesn't kick in... at your own house!

Apple has beaten the crackers

When DVD John stop cracking fairplay (iTunes Digital Restriction Management system) I, and countles others, thought somebody else would take his place. But nobody did. And iTunes music, unlike Zune's, remains protected and can only be unprotected through methods similar to burning it to a CD and ripping it again, which produced lost of quality. Of course, I thought, the reason was that nobody cared about the loss of quality. But Zune's protection being cracked made me think of something else....

Mac OS X remains secure, with vulnerabilities discovered, but without security scares, even minor ones. This despite the cracker's threats, the month of bugs, and lab created worms. Zune's music crack belies the notion that it is a question of numbers. And you can't argue that it is a question of value, since cracking Mac OS X has been described as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for crackers. So, Mac OS X remains uncracked, clearly because it has superior security.

Then comes the iPhone and despite claims that it will soon be cracked, most people bet "within a week", it has been out two weeks and you still can't use it with a SIM from another company. The most you can do is crippled the phone part of the devie to avoid activation and be left with a huge, expensive, iPod nano that can play videos and surf the web. The iPhone has not being cracked, and I now think that the it can't be cracked permanently. So, I hold, that Apple has beat the crackers and it's using that victory as an integral plan of its business plan. And, very likely, the things I don't like about Apple's current products and strategy have a lot to do with protecting those products from cracking and using the fact that they are protected to get more money from consumers. I'm happy and sad...

My new book is out!

Get it while it's hot in fine bookstores everywhere!

Spammers begone!

Due to the problems with spammers that seem to be able to fool my "Proof that you are a human" Captcha, I am forbidding to put any type of URL in my comments. If you want to point to a link please spell it out so that people can copy and paste it, but do not put the abbreviation to HyperText Transfer Protocol in the comments. If you do, my anti spamming system will disallow the comment.

I've been thinking long and hard about how they manage to fool the captcha and I am convinced that they must be doing something like this: They create a website with porn that have limited pictures from the sites they want to advertise here. In order to look at the picture they ask users to register. The users have to pass a captcha test. The captcha is the one from my site. I can't think of any other way... Can you?

Will I ever buy an iPhone?

So many people are asking me this that I think they expect me to turn around and become an iphone fan boy by next week. A little background for new readers: I was the total and complete Apple fan boy. Though I never stop checking other Os's I was in love with Mac OS X on a PowerPC. You guessed it, my fall out of love from Apple came when they switched to Intel. I am still using an MBP with Mac OS X, but I don't love it. It is nowhere as stable and problem free as my previous machines, and I hate the fact that my computer looks the same as my computer from years ago, and I envy the new things that come from other manufacturers in the same hardware platform. Heck, I even hate the name of my computer so much that I refused to mention it. I bought a first generation Newton and a first generation iPod and I love them both (and they still work, both). I own countless iPods and I think they're heads and shoulders above any other player I have tried (and I have tried, and even bought, a lot of them). I am also a cell phone freak, I have owned the Visor Phone, a precursor to the Treo, countless Symbian phones (currently the Nokia N80), and several Windows Mobile phones, among others. The key to all these devices is that they have a level of openness that I can live with. That's what I hate about the AppleTV and the iPhone they are locked without rhyme and reason.
So, would I buy the iPhone? Sure! As soon as Apple meets my demands. Here is the List:
1.- It has to be unlocked. If I'm going to buy a device that's not subsidized, I have to be able to do with it what I want.
2.- I must be able to install unrestricted apps. No websites, or widgets, but full blown apps. It's my device, or isn't it?
3.- It must have instant messaging. AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, IRC, and others. My latest phone has it. Why should I downgrade?
4.- It must have Skype, same reasoning.
5.- It has to have To Do in the calendar app. Same reasoning as above.
6.- The camera must do video. Same reasoning as above.
7.- It has to allow any app and the keyboard to be used in any orientation. Why have orientation if not?
8.- The battery must be user replaceable... My current phone... You know the drill...
9.- It would be nice if it were 3G. My current phone is, but there is no support in my area, so I don't use it much. Still, it would be nice...
10.- The camera has to be at least 3 Megapixel and must have flash. That's my current situation, I won't downgrade.
11.- I must be able to move files around and use the device as a disk, by cable and through Bluetooth. Yes, I can do this with my current phone.
12.- It should be able to accept any sound file in the phone as a ring tone. Even a cheapo phone can do this.
13.- If any of the above features are missing, the price of the device should be 50$ cheaper than it is now. In other words, I wouldn't pay much more than 50$ anything for the current 8 GB iPhone.

Microsoft bumps warranty of Xbox 360, New York Times screw up details

I don't know how hard it is to get a writer that at least is familiar with the subject, but it stinks unprofessionally when the New York Times writes:
A new Xbox 360 with a 20-gigabyte hard drive sells for about $400, but other versions cost about $300.
Any seven year old would tell you that the 20GB, 400$ model has been there from launch time (almost two years). The new model is a 120GB for 479$ and it is called the "Elite."

At any rate, Microsoft shows some heart and extends the warranty of all Xbox 360 for three years and promises to reimbursed customers who paid for repairs when they suffer the dreaded Red Ring of Death. All of them? well, I bet they won't honor the warrranty if you've being doing hardware hacks that void the warranty...

Become a loser in ten easy steps!

From retireddat21, here are the ten easy steps:
1. Learn that if anything is worth doing, it would have been done already.
2. Never rush into a job or opportunity without a lifetime of consideration.
3. Believe that tomorrow holds the possibility for new technologies, astounding discoveries, and a reprieve from your obligations.
4. All deadlines are unreasonable regardless of the amount of time given.
5. Never forget that the probability of a miracle, though infinitesimally small, is not exactly zero.
6. If at first you don’t succeed, there is always next year.
7. Always decide not to decide, unless of course you change your mind.
8. Always begin, start, initiate, take the first step, and/or write the first word, when you get around to it.
9. Know that the work cycle is not plan/start/finish, but is wait/plan/plan.
10. Never put off for tomorrow, what you can forget about forever.

Even the iPhones ringtones are lousy!

You can download the iPhone ringtones, but don't bother, they are lousy. Yeah, that wonderful music phone can't use especial ringtones. Not even songs or anything, nothing! Now, hear the ringtones around you and tell me Apple is not out of touch with reality. Everybody and its uncle has a special ringtone! Even the cheapo phones can do this! Come on Apple prove me wrong, change this now!

Ernesto Viso Frightening crash at Magny Cours (He's ok)

You would think that when a country like Venezuela has a driver in GP2, basically one step away from Formula 1, it would be news, you would think that when that driver is doing well in that series it would be news, you would that when that driver has a frightening crash in a race it would be news. But it wasn't. Unless you were reading blogs. Nobody talked much about it. After hearing he was allright I never thought the accident was as horrendous as it was. I put it here as proof that it really was. Lucky for him he didn't have a single broken bone and will be able to return to racing soon...

How I see the iPhone...

Broken by Design

The anti enlightment

We are living the New Age of Ignorance. Sort of like a Middle Age, but with less knowledge...

I recently went to my staircase at Clare College, Cambridge and there were women there!' he said, with an enormous measure of retrospective sexual frustration. 'There have been a lot of convincing studies recently about the loss of productivity in the Western male. It may be that entertainment culture now is so engaging that it keeps people satisfied. We didn't have that. Science was much more fun than listening to the radio. When you are 16 or 17 and in that inherently semi-lonely period when you are deciding whether to be an intellectual, many now don't bother.'

Ferrari 1-2 at Final Magny Cours!

I can't believe Ferrari made a 1-2 at Magny Cours. This will be the last Magny Cours in a while as the circuit is out of favors with the F1 Bosses. Hamilton third and makes it to eight straight races climbing at the podium. Alonso with bad luck manages to arrive seven, and shows the McLaren as a very sturdy car. This is a fluke, I bet, we'll get back to normal schedule promptly.

Venezuela Won Against Peru in Copa America

Venezuela beat Peru 2-0 in the second Copa America match it has won ever! The first match was won against Bolivia in the fifties. Every single Venezuelan has to rejoice for this. It is a great trumph for our country that shows we can do good when we want. No politics here, just futbol.

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