iPhone? You don't need an iPhone if you have an X5!

Yesterday, while the mindless crowds where lining up for an iPhone that today can be bought with little hassle, I was at the Venezuelan introduction of the new BMW X5. Nothing to do with the iPhone you say? Bullocks! After all, you can connect your iPhone through the iPhone connector to hear music and through Bluetooth to use it as a phone (bet you didn't know you could use the iPhone as a phone).

I was wrong, so were they

Contrary to previous reports it is possible and easy to remove the SIM Card on the iPhone. No word yet if it can be unlocked...

No iPhone for you!

Buying the iPhone today is lame, suffering a line to do it is stupid beyond belief. Wait in line in order to pay 500$ for a piece of cripple technology that is worse and much more expensive than current offerings. I hope that the iPhone really sucks at making calls, I'll laugh my ass off.

I told you so...

As predicted here, Mossberg confirms the iPhone won't take a SIM Card. He says it can't use the digital cards (called SIM cards) that would allow it to run on T-Mobile's network. So, there you are. If you are a GSM user, you should know not to buy this phone. If you are not, do not become a GSM user with a crippled dumbphone, get the real thing and try it out for real!

Apple has jumped the shark

If you don't understand the title, Google "Jumped the shark" to see what it means.

Let me start by reiterating my earlier point: I don't want an iPhone. I think is a crummy, stupidly limited product, overpriced and crippled for no other reason than to try to lock people in a system that will not work. There are better phones out there, yes, more expensive, but without a contract. And Dell is selling them! Did you noticed Apple isn't showing where the SIM Card goes in the iPhone? Do not buy it. It is a trick, a nasty one. Same as with Apple TV, except people have not catched on to how bad the iPhone will be. A limited phone, limited web, limited music movie player. It is much better to get a good phone and an iPod. Avoid the iPhone.

I'll make it very clear. If I wanted to waste 600$ in a locked in, limited, crippled piece of shinny gadgetry I would sooner buy the Sony PS3 than the iPhone. But if the iPhone was the only problem Apple would still be in pretty good shape. The problem is that Apple is falling behind in its core business of selling computers. Apple computers are gaining markett share but losing geek appeal, sooner or later it will catch on with them.

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Another failed plan

I went to Catia with a red shirt, but it didn't work out. Everybody still criticized Chavez to me.

Sorry about that

I had this great post about my application for a Canadian Visa being rejected, but it wasn't, so forget about it.

Hamilton wins at Indy

Hamilton takes another convincing win at Indy. Ferrari very far behind, the only positive is that BMW had trouble today, particularly Heidfeld, so, Ferrari may hold onto second place. How sad. My theory is that Kimi was signed by Todd, who says that while he is at Ferrari Alonso will not go there, which is stupid beyond comprehension. Ross Brown and Schummy didn't like Kimi, so one took a sabbatical and the other retired. So, Ferrari fails miserable for a year or two, then Schummy and Brown return in force and hire the best pilot they can (right now either Alonso or Hamilton) and take Ferrari to its rightful place. One can only dream...

Homeland, Socialism, or Death, but mostly... Death...

The moto of the Chavistas: "Homeland, Socialism, or Death" always reminds me of an inside joke we had in Patilla.com. We said that our service was "fast, cheap, good... choose any two!" The Chavista Moto clearly comes from "Homeland or Death," used by Cubans, but also expressed by the American patriot that said "Give me liberty or give me death." He wasn't asking for personal freedom, but for freedom for the homeland, meaning that the homeland belongs to its inhabitants, not to a distant or closed by King. The thing with the Chavist moto is that choosing between three options is ambiguous, that's also the root at the Patilla.com joke. Today I finally understood what they meant. Homeland is what we all want, Socialism is what they claim they want, Death is what we all will get for sure. So, they mean, you'll may get what you want, or you may get what we want, but for sure you'll die!. Homeland, Socialism, or Death, but mostly... Death...

He read it here first!

Alonso is starting to worry that McLaren may be favoring Hamilton. Yep, he got the idea from me! Hamilton also said after Monaco that he wouldn't stay long in a team that won't let him compete. One constant weakness in McLaren has been its inability to create a stable series of success. Every change affects them. Will this? I'd prefer to have Hamilton at Ferrari, but I'll take Alonso!

Why you may not want the iPhone...

It seems more and more people are realizing the shortcomings of the iPhone. The turn now is for Forbes. I'm glad at least some people may read this before wasting their money on a piece of technology that I don't believe it will fly, not for long anyway. And what about todays keynote? Was that's boring or what? Safari 3.0 is just like Safari 2.0, but now it works in Windows, which means Windows just got easier to use. Thanks Steve!

Good Job on Safety FIA!

I am the first to criticized FIA when they screw up, and I have to be the first to say that the fact that Kubica came out of a horrible crash with minor injuries, perhaps without a broken leg, is a clear testimony of the incredible job FIA has done on safety. Less than ten years ago a much less serious crash caused injuries to Michael Schumacher. Kubica may be able to race next week! Amazing! Amazing also the race that Hamilton made. But... We need to separate Hamilton and Alonso, one of them has to race for Ferrari! icon_lol As for Ferrari drivers, Massa is a normal driver that had bad luck today, but if he is going to challenge the McLaren drivers he needs a car at least half a second faster than McLaren's. As for Kimi, the only aspect in which he is superior to Schumacher is that he plays fair. That's the best I can say about him as a pilot.

Dark day in Canada

With a frightening crash involving Kubica, the Canadian Grand Prix, transforms from an amazing effort by Hamilton, a lucky break for McLaren, even though Alonso either had a bad car or made a rare mistake, into a dark, horrible race I don't want to watch anymore...

I saw your IP...

She wrote to me, "I noticed that the same IP visited my blog and then my flickr page. Did you like them? Did you like me? I wasn't sure. But I wanted to know. So I trace your IP. It wasn't easy. Had to ask favors from friends that know about such things. And then after I trace you it took me a while to work up the courage to write to you. Because I didn't know. But the more I read about you the more I wanted to. I couldn't stop, I couldn't resist. Of course, it has been two years since your visit... perhaps you don't remember...

Venezuela currently leader in Cyber attacks

According to Akamai's recently released Real Time Web Monitor, Venezuela is the indisputable leader on Cyber Attacks with 797 in the last 24 hours. I have no idea what they mean by attacks (to what? What is an attack? Have I made any lately?) or how reliable are these numbers. But funny, yes that is for sure. I took a picture so that it'll be preserve for posterity.

Don't buy the iPhone

By now I firmly believe most people who buy the iPhone will regret it. You will find the defects only after you buy it, though we know enough now to conclude that it is not a good deal, which doesn't mean it won't be a great gadget. The fact that the battery can't be changed should be a deal killer. It reduces your options too much. In an iPod is okey, if you run out of batteries you don't listen to music, big deal. But in a phone it is really bad. In an emergency you won't even be able to ask a friend or a store (I've done this) for a battery for one call. It is using the phone as a fashion statement. Your phone is more than that. What we don't know is even worse: We don't know whether is quad band or dual band (ATT says is quad, FCC says is dual, Apple stays mum), we don't know if you'll be able to change sims, or unlock it afterwards. The fact that Apple is unwilling to clarify so close to an announced launched is scary. My bet is that there will be a backslash against the phone, like there was about the Newton. In a year you'll be able to get a 1st gen iPhone for less than 100$. You've been warned, buy a Nokia N95 instead, it is more expensive (unlocked) but it has a much better camera and a GPS. Caveat Emptor!

Not all elections are created equal

It says: "Do you agree with the resolution of March 13, 1938 that incorporates Austria into the German Reich and do you select the candidates that belong to the party of our leader Adolf Hitler?" The big circle says "Yes", the small one "No". So, it's not as if it hasn't been tried before...

My Call to Buzz Out Loud!

So, yesterday in the Buzz Out Loud podcast they asked about Venezuela and RCTV and YouTube and Chavez. They asked if someone from Venezuela was listening to give them a call so I did... And they played it in Tom is so Mad (today's podcast). The best thing is that they laughed! Yes, I made Veronica laugh! (and Tom, and Molly) icon_biggrin Is at minute 28:06 approximately, but I know you won't make the effort, so here it is.

Seems CANTV is blocking sites, time to start using Tor

It seems that the government is blocking some sites related to RCTV. I had my doubts and it is still marginally possible that it is just another case of gross incompetence in Venezuela. At any rate, it is time to start using The Onion Router (TOR). I know the connection gets very slow and I know the installation may not be easy to understand, but do try. Clearly, the next step is to persecute those who look for information. If you have problems leave a note or send me email through the link on the left. If you work for CANTV and think this is bullshit, find out what the real story is and tell it in the comments here, and let us know when this will be fixed. I'll keep you posted.
Update: I think the site can be seen now from CANTV. So the right hypothesis must be that this was a DNS error.

Leave it to geeks

How I wish that most article in the foreign press about Venezuela were half as good as this Ars Technica article. They get the situation as well as anyone who doesn't live here, and better than a lot who do live here. They mention all the important pieces... If RCTV participated in a coup, why aren't they in jail? If Chavez is such a fan of stability, why did he participated in a coup in 1992? At the end, this is just another sign that you can't closed down a channel and not lose the international opinion battle. Ideas are fought with ideas, not with fire arms... ¡Que vivan los estudiantes!

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