Google is acting weird again, Radio Userland still sucks it seems

A few days ago I started noticing something weird with my Google search results. After years of being around the second or third page in the search for Alfredo in Google, my site has disappeared. Not only that, an alias for the site appears higher than my main URL. I confirmed this by searching for Alfredo Octavio, while the results for Alfredo may be in dispute it is fairly clear to me that this site must be the first result when you search for Alfredo Octavio. But no, my twitter page comes first for me. And the alias for this site (with www instead of alfredo) comes first, but with a name that has not been used since I stopped using Radio Userland. Searching for Tyromaniac produces equally weird results with seems to have disappear from Google.

At first I was scared, there has been hacker attacks at my hosting, so I thought maybe my site had malware. But Google Webmaster tool says no. It also says, just like Google Analytics have always said, that my site receives no visits. I thought there maybe other reasons why my site may be blocked, but then I realized that none of that would explain the inclusion in some results of, which just points to this site, with the name "Los Octavio Weblog" which is an ancient name from the time it was a family site. Then I made the link... A month ago two sites related to Radio Userland, which was my blogging software years ago, went down for good. It seems this two sites were the main source of my Google juice and Google algo have decided that if those sites do not exist, mine shouldn't either.

I consider this a mistake on Google Search algo. I am certain that this site should be the result for Alfredo Octavio and Tyromaniac and that it should appear higher than any aliases in the search for Alfredo. Since I can't trust Google results, I've decided to change the default search engine for my site to Bing and probably will change my default search engine wherever I can.

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