Why Venezuela is a backward country

Because our leaders do not even understand that the last five hundred years of progress have been fueled by basic science research. If they don't like science let them live without TV, Internet, Cars, etc. They are hypocrites. I am thinking of resending this article of mine to publish in El Nacional. They published it already 10 years ago, but it is as relevant today as then, how sad. I could dedicated to IVIC in its 50th anniversary...

Somebody is still lying...

A few months ago Apple was selling more phones than RIM and I was saying that somebody was lying. By using an invalid and artificial breakdown of the cell phone market into smartphones and dumbphones, they got incredible numbers for Apple. Everybody got on my case about how it was me who was confusing the numbers (which indeed I was), but I am still suspicious about that distinction and about the numbers that get handed out. The latest is this report which states that the Blackberry Curve is the best selling smartphone this quarter, while the iPhone is the second one. That I believe. But then it goes to point out that the Storm beats the Pearl (all models!) for third place while the G1 comes in in fifth. If that is the case, where are all the storms? Everything I read about the phone is bad and negative. Do people really have it out there? Is it really more common than the Bold? Is the G1? Really? This is in the US... By the way with these numbers RIM must be beating the pants out of Apple... Somebody is lying.

Seven Deadly Sins in the US


When I was in Las Vegas last year I was disappointed that in a place where gambling and prostitution were legal I found a lot more gambling than prostitution. That and the amount and attitude of minors was really sad, actually, I didn't see a single person happy in Las Vegas. The reason may be that the Deadly Sins are not well distributed in the US. A study by the Kansas State University may have the answer. The Seven deadly sins by state and county, and Clark County, where Las Vegas is, doesn't do bad enough. Actually, Lust is only bad enough in a few small places. How sad...

Creative ad


Bruni sends word that Rona a kind of Home Depot in Montreal, used Apple's ad at Jacques Cartier Bridge to point out their paint recycling program. Neat, Right?

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