Heladeria Coromoto

Today there is a surprisingly surprised BoingBoing post about Unusual flavors of ice cream in Japan, like Avocado? Hey Avocado is a fruit and it is not that weird... You want weird? You can't handle weird! La Heladeria Coromoto at Merida, Venezuela has over 700 flavours of ice-cream including Champagne, Trout, Pork, and Black Beans (which is great!). So don't come here talking about avocado or soy ice-cream (yes, they have that too).

I have to wonder...

Would Amanda of Rocketboom fame be as successful if she didn't have... such a prominent... err... personality? I mean, I am not sure I like the show when she is not in screen...

Swedish police work for Hollywood cartel

Swedish police raided and shutdown The Pirate Bay, ignoring the fact that they have not committed any crime in Sweden. The funny thing is that the Pirate Party will gain force because of this act. This may well be consider the first act of a future war. We shall prevail... Of his own accord man thinks and acts.
"This is exactly the kind of raids the Pirate Party wants to put an end to", Rick concludes. "When society sends its police at the young generation for their listening to music and watching movies, it's not the young that are in error. It's society that needs to get a grip."

If God wanted us to believe...

S/He would have made us believe! I wonder if research like this, isn't a misrepresentation. Why call it a "God Gene"?, maybe it's just a "Gullible Gen". Test it out! Perhaps is actually a violent or controlling gene, and religion is just the most readily available excuse to act it out...
[Via Dvorak Blog]

Almost... again!

Today I almost ran out of gas... again!... The car went bump bump (as it does when it's running out of gas)... and then I saw the warning light. I shook the car a little which allow me to advance ten more meters and there was the entrance to the gas station. Yes! That's how I like it... it seems.

Thanks for the memories....

Monaco is my favorite race... Thanks for the memories! Until next year...

Renault and Alonso increase advantage in Championship

F1: First Monaco win for Alonso
Renault's Fernando Alonso wins the Monaco Grand Prix for the first time after an action-packed race. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Alonso Wins!

Monaco is a place where pilots make a bigger difference, so it is only fitting that Alonso wins it. Montoya and Coulthard, two good drivers that lack the edge to become great, are second and third. Schumy manages fifth from the last place, the best possible result after what he did yesterday. His greatest virtue is his biggest flaw: He wants to win at any cost. Semi-typical Monaco race with big disappointments for Kimi and Klein.

He got caught!

F1: Schumacher stripped of pole
Michael Schumacher must start from the back of the grid in Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix after losing pole position for an infringement. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
I'm actually kind of glad this happened. It may make the sport cleaner...

Radio Userland: Still Sucking After all These Years

You'd think that I was out of the Radio Hell, but Userland Sucks so much that just when I think I'm out they pull me right back in. Now, the problem is the form in that old site. They (Userland) has either sold access to it, or it has been hacked, and now I'm receiving inordinate amounts of Spam like this:
toney123 [1] sent this email to you through the Radio UserLand [2] community server, re this page [3].

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[2] http://radio.userland.com/
[3] http://oct.com.br:80/bl/2005/08/27/57/?
I know, from experience that I won't get a response from Userland, so I have limited myself to creating a rule to move all those to the spam folder. So if you wish to send me email, use the form here, do not use the old one as I will not get it...

Trick pole for Schumacher in Monaco

So, Schumacher wins the pole at Monaco in a weird way. He was first going in the last few turns when, quite coincidentally, his car couldn't turn at La Rascasse hair pin. Just by chance his car forced others to slow down, including for example Alonso who was 3 tenths faster in his last partial. This is the typical unregulated abuse that can't be avoided in Formula 1. Since the last rule chance pilots only have a few minutes to set the pole time, hence, creating an interruption in those last minutes can be highly beneficial. Now, having said that, and making clear I find this deplorable, I do not believe clothes tearing screamers, like Briatore, that are complaining about it... The reality is, they are just angry they couldn't do it themselves.

Can you hear this?

I have reported before on the MPB noise that some people hear and some don't. I don't have a recording of it. I have said in several forums that it isn't about age, as my kids can't hear anything in my MPB and some people claim they hear it in every MPB and it is annoying. People were not being coy about suggesting an age problem. It turns out that several stores, has been using a noise that only teenagers find unbearable in order to drive undesirable teenagers away from their stores (together with any desirable teenager around). It seems teenagers hear it as a mosquito buzzing in one ear, and they find it quite annoying after a short while. But! (you knew there was a twist didn't you? ), teens have taken revenge on the idea and are using the noise as a ringtone for text messaging. Since adults can hear it a teen can find out they got a message in the middle of the class without the teacher finding out about it (provide their pals do not rat on them, of course). Well, finally I have found the sound, I will put it in my mobile, but I can't hear it, so my question is can you? and what is your age? You have to hear some piercing annoying sound (I do hear a slight buzz, but that doesn't count)

In case your computer doesn't see the file download it here.

Update: Neither of my eleven year old kids, nor my wife can hear the noise... I'm starting to think this is all bogus.

Monaco this weekend!

You know what that means...

Oliver Stone calls Chavez a liar

In an unprecedented act of capitalist arrogance, Oliver Stone claims he won't do the movie about the events in Venezuela in 2002. How dare this second rate director claim he knows more about the movies he will make than our exalted leader? Is he calling Chavez a liar? Is this another CIA plot to undermine Chavez? Blog at eleven...

Chavez announces new Oliver Stone Film

it will be about the events of 2002. Chavez announced it so we already know the plot. I bet they won't interview anyone meaningful. I wonder what he will do with Lucas Rincon, the person who announced the fact that Chavez had resigned. Lier? Strategic retreat? He got a prize of ministers and embassies after Chavez return. Also, the three dead on the Chavez side (never investigated), or the arrest of the snipers (before the shootings) will not be shown in the picture. Otto Reich, who recently declared that Chavez had admitted he resigned to an European diplomat and Shapiro, who had said he tried to convince Pedro, el Breve, also known as the Usurper, that what he was doing was nuts, will also not appear in the movie in any other role except that of villains. It's a pity, because a good movie could have been made of those confusing events, if someone was willing to count the number of coups (at least four) in the short three day period. And admit who is the legal president of Venezuela (not who you think).

The Last Word

It isn't just that I don't believe in God and naturally, hope there is no God! I don't want there to be a God; I don't want the universe to be like that.
-- Thomas Nagel

Did you know...?

It's a little known fact that all the traffic in Caracas is produced by a single Bus that goes around slowing down and stopping in precise places...

Apple Counter sues Creative

So, after Creative foolishly sues Apple, Apple counter sues the same day. The level of cluelessness on the issue is appalling, but none bigger than the cluelessness of Creative itself:
“Creative proactively held discussions with Apple in our efforts to explore amicable solutions,” Phil O’Shaughnessy, a spokesman for Creative, told Bloomberg News. “At no time during these discussions or at any other time did Apple mention to us the patents it raised in its lawsuit.”
So? They don't have to! But if someone in your legal team had read Alfredo's site (je, je) you would have known suing Apple was going to produced a counter lawsuit. At that point I hoped that Creative legal team was somehow better than the marketing team, unfortunately for Creative it isn't and they are so dead in the water is not funny. I told you so. And more than that, Apple is still playing nice, only suing for the Mp3 player patents. If Apple decides to go after Creative with its Computer Sound Patents, Creative will end up bankrupt. This is the reason you rarely see big companies suing each other for patents. Only patent holders with no money sue big companies (they have no infringing product and nothing to loose). Creative may make good Mp3 players I am sure, but as a company, they are clueless beyond comprehension.

Damn You Pingoat!

I just got an email from Pingoat. They read my site... found it very funny and have whitelisted me again. It seems nothing in here is as objectionable as that :( How sad...

More Objectionable Content

Via Boing Boing I hear about Dear NSA, where they use the fact that the NSA is now spying on everybody in the USA to ask relevant questions. Here is a sample:
Q: Where's Waldo?
A: We're still looking, but you can trust that we're following up on many excellent leads.

Q: What should I get my wife for her birthday?
A: Blue sundress from Calypso. Size 12. Also note that she likes to have her toes licked.

Q: Is now a good time to buy Google?
A: Unfortunately, due to strict federal laws NSA cannot provide stock tips.
But on a more serious note Miguel points out that the Chicago City Council has taken strong measures to guarantee that I will never again set my foot in that ex-fine city. Nuclear free zone I can live with, but this is completely nuts... Again, Miguel, yes, he seems to be on a roll, points out to this article that posits the possibility that the US anger with Venezuela has nothing to do with nincompoop issues like prize of oil or warring words from Chavez. But with more pressing monetary policy. Iran and Venezuela are pushing to have their oil goods marketed in Euros, instead of dollars. That's something Iraq did in... You guessed it: The year 2000.

Objectionable Content!

I have been blacklisted! Either for objectionable content or for the non genuine nature of my blog! The notice says:
You have been blacklisted ! This is not because of the frequency of the pings, but due to the possible objectionable/non genuine nature of the blog. Please understand that this is an automated process. If you believe this is an error, please quickly post on the forum or drop me a mail to get it resolved.
This is great! I am so happy, I really feel vindicated. I feel it is my duty to let my readers know that my content is objectionable, since I was surprised to discover it. And, may I point out, it is not only objectionable by religions or ideology fanatics, but by an automated process! I am so proud of this. No way I will challenge it (I may win, after all), I will make this a badge of honor. I am thinking how to make it a permanent fixture on my site...

Subjective Movements

Optical illusions from Archimedes Lab

It's here! Contest Over!


It took a long time but finally, Apple releases the Macbook! Hence, the contest is finally over. Winners have been notified, there is only the issue that there is a version in black, but more powerful, and expensive, according to the contest rules there may be a negotiation. ¡Congratulations to the talented winners!

How the US helped Chavez

With the measure to ban sales of weapons to Venezuela the US has given Chavez its final victory. Now, Chavez can retaliate or at least complaint loudly of how it has been mistreated. Venezuela doesn't need guns, but Chavez needed the Empire to Strike Back. Now he has his dream. The excuse that Venezuela is not doing enough to fight terrorism is just that, an excuse. The policy is so wrong headed, so stupid, that it makes me think it is actually done on purpose to help Chavez. It is as if there was a global conspiracy to keep the price of oil up. Meanwhile, Gas in Venezuela is selling for $0.12 per gallon

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