Venezuela is the only country where you can drink beer and think you are helping science. The major science prize is given by the biggest beer company and My Wife Won this year! So drink Polar Beer and support Venezuelan Science.

Worldwide map of Swine Flu cases

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Windows 7 and SkyGrid, trying new stuff

After a lot of intentions I finally installed Windows 7 on a machine. I used the Dell with a clean hard druve is a year old midrange machine, has a 3.4 rating (out of 7.9). It is very impressive, responsive and very nice to look out. I am thinking it could be a solution to my iTunes issue, namely, iTunes is still the best podcast, music manager out there. I could buy a big drive and have a dual boot machine (Ubuntu/Windows) and use Ubuntu at work and Windows at home. Still Microsoft has a lot of work to fix its problems. The multiple Windows versions have to go and Microsoft has to decide either it stops making IE and Office or it starts making it for all OS. Microsoft has to get out of its preserve the monopoly mentality. Windows is big business but it really has to compete to stay on top, the only way that will happen is if other OS has the rest of Microsoft tools. And please make the Zune compatible with Mac OS X and Linux, come on Microsoft! Be cool again!

My other new thing today is SkyGrid, looks pretty good, a lot of info in a real-time web format that makes sense. Very configurable. SkyGrid uses flash which is fine, but for some reason Flash doesn't work in 64 bit OS. Unless you use a 32 Bit browser. Why Adobe why? And why did I believe it was ok to use a 64 bit OS? Man, the future is getting slower and slower...

There goes the SUN

So, Oracle buys SUN. Sun was one of my favorite companies and I am sad to see them go. But I have seen them going for a long time and I was very disappointed with the decisions they made. They could have taken over the world but they were so dispersed with so many different ideas and projects without consolidation. For me the day they died was when they sold us a card for a machine only to discover later that Solaris didn't supported it. We switch that machine, and eventually all machines, to Linux. What will happen with Sun hardware, very likely it will disappear or become a brand to some manufacturer. What will happen to Java, OpenOfice or MySQL? Those could be huge distractions for Oracle, if they get very involved with those Oracle itself may start to go downhill. Hopefully, Oracle will ignore those. So long Sun, and thanks for all the Java!

Is something wrong with my glass?

Or have I drink more than I thought?

Political Prisoners of a New World Order

It is sad that the governments of the world think corporations and companies have more rights than people. The Pirate Bay Founders being convicted means that the political system must be overthrown. Companies own governments. Chavez may be closer to the truth than we think.

Who benefits from the cheap price of gas?

Sometimes when I don't have change to fill my scooter tank gas, they let me fill up for free. It cost around 5 cents (with tip), because as reported in the New York Times, gas prices in Venezuela are ridiculously cheap, subsidized, and the government can't do anything about it.

Yes, some of us think this is right, because it's about the only thing we get from the government in exchange for the taxes and the suffering we pay, for our sin of being born here. But it is very unfair because the more money you have you get the largest benefit. Bigger and more cars, more leisure time to use them, avoid public transportation. Poor people can't do those things and public transportation is ridiculously expensive. Chavez has talked about solving this, but he won't. For some reason his natural constituency feels a strong need to defend that right we, the opposition, enjoy. Thanks for that.

A Public Service Announcement

View from my Office

Just saying...

Comments Recovered!

With a little help from my friends (particularly, Sebastian and Gabo), all the comments are now in place. With that Tyromaniac is, pretty much, back to normal and a new era of peace and prosperity can start! I don't think anyone will notice the few details missing, but these could be resolve in the changes that are a'coming.

Welcome to the new old place for Tyromaniac

After years of suffering from the services in Venezuela I've decided to move my blog to a hosted service done by professionals. The site should be up more since the Internet and Electric service will also be done by professionals. Unlike in Venezuela... There are a few kinks to work out. The old comments have disappear and there are several esthetic issues with the site that I hope to resolve with a little help from my friends. We'll see how it goes...

For as long as I can remember I have had my site in my home or office, why did I do it? Was it a Geeky thing to do? Probably, but I think mostly it was that I was young and foolish then, I am old and foolish now...

Warning: My Facebook Account

Dear Facebook,

Our brain indicates that you've been misusing certain features of our humanity. This post serves as a warning. Misuse of my features or violating common human terms of use may result in your website being disabled . Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

If you have any questions, please contact your priest or your psychiatrist.


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