Alonso returns Ferrari to its place

So, in a year with an amazing number of changes: new point system, the return of Schumy (not to Ferrari! ), no Kimi, Mercedes now is a team, and Alonso races for Ferrari, we enjoyed the first race. Mostly because Ferrari made a 1-2 and we haven't seen many of those in the last 5 years. The formula that Ferrari had with Schumy seems to work as well with Alonso. Just get the best driver and have the best car (or almost), that way the other teams can't close the gap with only a very good driver. Of course, as I say every year, the season doesn't really start until we get to Europe. But last year wasn't like that...

Also, I am not going to do as much writing during races, after all, we have twitter for that now.

Unintended Acceleration? Put it in Neutral!

Throughout this hoopla about unintended acceleration I've asked the question: Why didn't the drivers shifted into neutral? The answer seems to be that they didn't know how! Now, I'm not saying that it is okey for Toyota to have the throttle of a car stuck open for any reason, but it shouldn't have caused a single accident or a single death. Some have argued that some cars (Prius) perhaps can't be put into neutral or they don't have Neutral or something, the video above shows that it can be done. The drivers involved in these accidents quite simply shouldn't have had a drivers license...

Cognitive dissonance in covering Apple

One things I hated about using Macs is that everybody assumed that I was a fanboy. They just couldn't believe that I was thinking about the stuff. Discussing the issue with Windows users will always lead to contradiction, typically cognitive dissonance in which two contradictory position will be maintained ignoring the contradiction. I feel that is happening with Apple coverage now, it's the company that can do no wrong! When Nokia sued Apple, some people opined that Nokia was scared. Of course, that was based in the believe that the iPhone was gaining market share from Nokia smartphones. Now, Apple is suing HTC in an effort to stop the sale of the Nexus One and other Android phones. Could it be Apple is scared? Of course not! Apple is just protecting its innovation! Something Nokia couldn't have been doing, because they didn't innovate in its history! Clearly, it is not as if the iPhone is going to lose market share to Android, right?

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