Shuffle Fail and Other Apple Stories

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours at an Apple store. I needed to buy batteries for my two old MBPs still in used by my family. I picked up the stuff I needed and proceeded to wait until the friends I was going to have dinner with arrived. Every single employee suspected I was a shop lifter, maybe it was my Woodstock shirt or the fact that I was using a G1. If I was I would have taken something bigger. You could hear a sigh of release when I finally paid for my stuff after my friends showed up. One thing I would not have picked is the new shuffle, and I don't think I am alone in that, I didn't see a single shuffle sold while I was there and the reason was clear, every single shuffle in show didn't work. Presumably they were out of battery, which says, how easwy it is to leave it on and how little the battery last.

A funny thing I saw was a genius (maybe he wasn't a genius but another kind of employee, but the story is better if you think it was a genius) that was communicating with a pretty french speaking girl using Google Translate. They would swap the computer and the languages and take turns in writing... Pretty cool, but I wonder what each ended up taking from the exchange.

Now this is stupid...

Apple seems to be relishing its place as the new Sony and Microsoft combined. They seem to be coming up with stupid products to see if people realized how bad they are. First, if you connect to the website with Firefox in Linux, you get a message saying that you need to upgrade your browser. It works perfectly but Apple decided to imitate Microsoft on that one. "Let's kick them for not using our product." Then the new Shuffle, it has to be the most stupid thing I've ever seen. You can only use the headphones they give you, or buy an expensive accessory, they couldn't do an accessory, they had to tie you with the headphones. Forget using speakers with your music player. The good feature is the playlist in the iPod, sounds good, except it also sounds like a nightmare to remember what you have to press for how long to get the info you want. It is really a product that would have made Sony proud. It will sell, of course... because People Are Fucking Boring.

Keeping up the Market Share lies

Market Share in the Mobile market continues to be reported with the fake Smartphone category. Though they admit that is only 12% of the market. But now the truth is starting to come out, but they are still disguising it. Last time Apple was very proud because it had sold more phones than Blackberry. Now, Blackberry Market Share is at 19.5% for 74 million units, while Apple is at 4.7& for 4.1 million units. Of course, the reporting says Apple has doubled the sales... What? Wasn't Apple selling 6 million phones per quarter just six months ago? Well, yes, but because it is convenient the are talking year over year increases. But a year ago, everybody knew the iPhone 3G was coming. Apple is opening more and more markets but the sales are decreasing fast.

UR Disappoints

(Warning: Spoiler ahead.) I am not a fan of Stephen King, I've read a few of his books and found them interesting, but that's that. Nevertheless, I have an appreciation for him, he is a successful writer with some imagination. So, when they announced that with the Kindle 2 they were going to release a story based on the Kindle 2 and only for Kindle (1 or 2) I decided to give it a try. The story is not bad, but it was destroy for me with a stupid unnecessary over explanation. The whole story is based in a guy that orders the Kindle and reverses two numbers of his credit card. The problem is that credit card numbers have verification digits, so reversing two numbers will not make a new credit card numbers the guy even said that it had happened to him "several times", Amazon will give you an immediate error in that case. Furthermore, the guy said he used Amazon a lot to buy books. In that case, the credit card number would be in the system, he wouldn't have to type it in every order! This is important because the whole story is based on Amazon and the Kindle. Besides, even if we swallow all that, he should just have gotten a Kindle from another UR, not a multi UR Kindle...

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