A precise, but quirky, metaphor on the state of music piracy

After listening to Buzz Out Loud and hearing Molly repeat that pirating music is bad, I noticed that I was getting angry... Why? First, I love Molly! Second, I think not paying for music is bad... But there is more to the story. So, here it goes, Alfredo's precise, but quirky, metaphor on the state of music piracy.

Suppose someone leaves an iPod on a park bench, on purpose, and returns two hours later to discover that the iPod is gone, and starts complaining. Sure, the person that took the iPod did something wrong, they took something that didn't belong to them, but there is something stupidly ridiculous about the iPod's owner complaint, isn't it? The result was expected! What are you complaining about?

Now, assume that there is a group of people leaving iPods all over the public park, on benches, on trees, on paths, everywhere! All models! But, furthermore, the same group is picketing Apple Stores, Best Buys, Wal-Marts, every place that may sell iPods and harassing shoppers that attempt to buy an iPod, calling them thieves and terrorists. So, the easiest, less stressful way to get an iPod is to pick up one, for free, on the park! Sure, from time to time, they manage to capture a person that picked an iPod in the park and they put them on a electric chair and kill them, but the vast majority do not suffer any consequence. This same group is complaining about the people taking the iPods on the parks and calculates that if every iPod taken from the park had been bought instead, they would have sold billions of dollars in iPods! So, now, they are trying to charge 5$ to every person that enters the park, whether they take an iPod or not, in order to recoup the money lost on the abandon iPods.

Sounds crazy? Sure! But that's exactly the situation of Music Piracy today. I know someone will say that the music industry is not putting songs on P2P networks. There are two answers to that. The first is, aren't they? Are you sure? The second is, maybe not, but they are putting easily copiable digital files, when there is a network around that would make copying them trivial. As Cory Doctorow says, copying is not going to get harder than it is now, it is going to get easier.

Mandelbrot's in heaven

"...at least he will be when he's dead Right now he's still alive and teaching math at Yale"

I like Lala

I don't know about you, but I really like Lala. It's the only reason I watch Tiki Bar.

Wow, Acid3 Test! Passed!

The latest build of Webkit (31370), the engine that runs the Safari browser on Mac and Windows, passes the Acid3 Test at 100% ! The current version of Safari gets 75%, while the current version of Firefox gets just 54%, and may crash. See your browser score.

That's Mathematics!

Listen through your favorite blogs

Through Blogbard, still in beta. registering didn't seem to take (I couldn't log in), but is the kind of thing that is interesting if you are interested in this kind of thing.
[Thanks Luis! ]

Make your own shield

Here is mine. Courtesy of Scion

No OS is stable

My experience with Windows have been terrible. I manage to crash with little effort. Even if it doesn't crash it becomes unusable, too slow to really do anything. Vista has been a little better, but still I can crash it with ease. I have a Tablet PC that crashes just by going to sleep, and I manage, in that same laptop to uninstall Windows Defender, and there is no way to reinstall it, but Windows doesn't seem to know it isn't there...

I was happy with Mac OS X, but when they changed to Intel from PowerPC two things happened. First, the system crashes, outright with a notice in several languages or by becoming slow with the Pizza of death. Second, the system has become unpredictable and riddled with problems like Application that won't quit (won't even Force Quit, become ghost apps under ps), and things that plain do not work. My printer won't appeared if connected through an Airport Extreme. Time Machine will quit without Rhyme or reason. Disks disappear and need to be repaired constantly. I thought it must be time to change...

Unfortunately, Linux has much of the same problems. You see, in Vista and in Mac OS X is not the low level system that gets stucked is the graphical interface. Sure, you can still use a terminal, if you can get to it. But if it isn't open or the task switcher is also stucked, you may be completely out of luck. Linux is the same. A simple applet in a panel can crash the user interface so hard that it will corrupt its own preferences so that not even restarting will solve the problem. This is unacceptable. Nothing should crash the user interface. Nothing should take control from the user. The keyboard and the screen must have priority over everything. As it is Linux sucks, just like the rest.

Kimi wins, Massa KO.

Kimi wins a normal uneventful race. Of course for that, the McLarens had to be punished for something that happens in every qualifying. Massa is out with what I think is a consequence of the lack of traction control. I bet we will have two types of races. In traditional circuits you will see most people having trouble with the car, and since once you lose traction is hard to get it back at those speeds you will see a lot of people out or losing lots of positions, like we saw in Australia. On modern circuits you will see a more stable picture, but still some will lose it like Massa this. The only question remaining is if some drivers, eg., Alonso, are so good that they will not make a mistake in modern circuits and few in the traditional ones. That and a little luck could mean a higher place in the championship than the car may merit on its own.

It's a Lie!

Time Machine still not working with Airport Extreme Base Stations.

New Math

Because understanding what you are doing is more important than getting the correct result.

Arthur C. Clarke, R.I.P.

Author of "2001 Space Odissey" and co-inventor of the communications satellite dies at the age of 90. Thanks for the memories of the future.

He once said: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

By the way I also bought the Kindle...

Among the things that slipped thru the cracks of a busy couple of months is that I bought the Kindle. I bought it after I found out it was super sold out in Amazon... It still is. Actually, it seems it is still on top of the electronic best sellers, though some people think Amazon is faking that, which I seriously doubt. The sold out thing convinced me amazon or someone will sell books for the Kindle for a few years. I had already seen the screen on the Sony reader (another Sony screw up), so that's all I needed. My reasoning is that I read more than 60 physical books in a year if I get 40 for the Kindle and save 8$ on each I will be even in a little more than a year. Also, not living in the States will sound like it is a bad idea, because I don't get the benefits of the Wishpernet, that's true, but I also get the advantage of getting the books through my computer without the extra charges and the waiting. So I save even more time and money.

So far the experience has been amazing. Very simple to use, I am enjoying reading on the Kindle. Switching from book to book. About the only problem is that I am afraid to read in the Jacuzi, but there are still physical books that I can get. The Kindle is much prettier than you can see in pictures. Using it takes a little time until you find a comfortable way of using it without touching the buttons. I do not think it is in the same league as the iPod in the sense that I do not think that in the future everybody will be using a gadget like it, something I said about the iPod in the very first post on this blog. I think only heavy readers will benefit from a device like this. Music is something we all like, books are different and are changing, but the book is still a great medium to exchange information, most people will see no need to move away from it.

When you can make a cup of coffee like this

You have to think that you can do anything in the world!

Ladies, that's why I always ask you for dinner and breakfast...

Disappointed by another Venezuela Movie

My daughter nag me all weekend long to take her and her friends to a movie, except she didn't wanted me to enter the theater with them, that'd been embarrassing. So I look at the other movies that were on display and decided to go see "Por un polvo". I was absolutely taken back by the amateurish nature of the film. The acting was absolutely terrible. Including an "Italian" that couldn't say the easiest words in spanish but had no trouble with the harder ones, I hadn't seen that since soup operas from the 70's. The plot was terrible too. They are trying to do intelligent things without doing research or working hard. Really terrible. Skip it. The sex scenes were all right, but that's always true when there are Venezuelan actresses. I wish our cinema wasn't so backwards...

I bought two computers

I've been so super duper busy that I haven't written about the fact that I bought two computers. The story is like this. I was planning to get the MacBook Air (MBA) with the SSD Hard drive, but then Ars Technica wrote that there was no advantage to the SSD and Dell released the XPS 1330 (the computer I have been recommended for all of last year) with Linux! I configured a super duper version and came up with an 2000$ price, about the same as the MBA without the SSD that was discarded as useless as per Ars Technica, but with the Dell I couldn't use the ultra special Chavez discount (a 60% less offer from the Venezuelan government due to the exchange control nonsense, only rich people can apply for it). So wich one should I get? I told my doubts to Rafael that came with the perfect answer: Get both! His reasoning was that I could get the MBA with the discount for about 800$ and the Dell, properly configured for about a 1000$. So I would spend the less than 2000$ and get both. I did that and I am now moving from one to another with ease.

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Hamilton wins an Australian Disaster

Hamilton wins the Australian Grand Prix. Only seven cars finished the race. Is this what the lack of electronics will mean? I see at least three incidents, not counting Kimi's craziness, in which the lack of traction control took people off the race in a dangerous way.

I guess Kimi had a Karma debt from last year...

Enough said!

Mario complaint to Nintendo

Mario Open Letter to Nintendo

Dear Nintendo,

We've been in a business relationship for quite a while now, and to be honest, I never used to have any complaints about my job. I mean sure, my line of work has never really been considered "easy" by any means, but in the early days it just felt so much more... rewarding.

Do you get what I'm saying guys? I wasn't too fond of chasing a huge ape up a series of ladders, but with that fine-ass Pauline waiting for me, I didn't mind. Same thing with running around Mushroom Kingdom, I don't mind taking out a few Koopas since I know Peach is going to be waiting for me. ("At another castle"...God that joke gets so old)

But recently, you've been forcing me to do shit that just isn't in my job description. I remember the first time Shigeru called me up. "Yo Mario, wanna go to a party? How about 8 of them?" And of course I said yes. That's because my idea of a party is knockin back a few cold ones with some buds, some drinking games with the ladies, and maybe Superbad. But no, you twisted fucks' idea of a party is to have me and all the assholes I hate run around in circles for twenty minutes. That's not a party, that's a track and field meet. Which brings me to my next point.

Have you seen my waistline in the last few years? I would assume not, because you've got me playing more sports than Michael Jordan. What on God's green Earth gives you the slightest thought that I would make a good soccer player? Have you seen how long a fucking soccer field is? It's rediculous. While we're talking about rediculous things, whose bright idea was it for me to compete in Olympic events against Sonic of all people? He was about to retire anyways, but no Nintendo, you just had to bring him back and have him compete against me in track events. What were you thinking? He runs so fast you can't see his fucking feet.

Finally, as I'm sure you're all well aware, for most of my life, the enemies I have faced have all been relatively tame, being dispatched with a simple jump or three at the most. Now you want to take me and make me battle to the death against a man with a gun? I can punch him, he can shoot fucking bullets at me! You're all assholes, I hate you.

Die in a Fire,


The future of voice maybe voiceless?

Of course, it may all be a hoax...
Via Techcrunch

A Civilized Venezuelan

An interesting article about a woman pretending to be a man in order to be a medical doctor. Interesting that Venezuelan Francisco de Miranda was involved... From the article:
"Miranda was an enlightened man and probably had no problem with the idea of a woman doctor"
[Thanks Stef! ]

What's the oldest city in the US?

Some hints:
It has a castle

With cannons that defended from invasions

It is on the beach

and I saw it all from my terrace

I'm worth 933$ in bed

Powered By TheirToys
That's pretty expensive, you can have me at half that price! The weird thing is that they say that's less than average, but the average is 140.44$... Great way to make the majority of people less than average!

The Republicans preffer Obama

I agree with Stanley Fish if Obama is the Democratic candidate McCain will win.

Two Photos from FOWA Miami 08

Leah Culver trying to coin the term Social Messaging to refer to Pownce

Kevin Rose et al. trying to design a Web App in 40 minutes... Guys? Did you really chose a Mail management system? Really? in 2008? In the 21st century?

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