Don't buy a SEAT... at least in Venezuela

I had been happy with my car, but in the last year it has gotten worse and worse and last month the shit hit the fan. I bought the car (a Seat Leon) on 2001. I was very happy with it and impressed with the post sales service. Well, in just a few weeks they blew all that to smithereens. Last year I got a burnt coil. Ok, that's normal at some point with a car you are going to have problems. It was easily, quickly, and inexpensively repaired. Later on I was having overheating in very extreme situations. It was traced to a slow turning electro vent. That was repaired quickly and easily, but it was expensive. Last december I got another burnt coil, but the surprise was they didn't have the part. I had to import it myself after three months of waiting for it to come. But the day I was going to take the car in, it stop working. It just wouldn't accelerate. In this month I've witness the worst from the Venezuelan hell of lack of service, erasing the previous four years of good memories. I had been told they don't know what the car has, that it may be the computer, that the computer is fine, that it is a cable between the accelerator and the computer, but they don't know which. Story after story from different people. But not a single call, not a single offer of compensation, nothing.

So, don't buy from Seat, at least, not in Venezuela. It sucks. Seat Sucks. If you know someone inside the company, please contact me. Even complaining has been hard, because nobody is listening there... The thing is, they are not ashamed.
Update (12/04/06): It took some time, but car has been satisfactory repaired. After Felix Castillo (from the importer) and Roberto Ibarra (post sales manager at Seauto) got involved the treatment changed completely. And now the car is in excellent shape. Thank you guys!

Tell me what you really think of him

No, be honest. Tell me what you really think of him. Don't Hold back. Don't be shy.

Not trusted

Image Forrester Research has a study on the trust consumers place on brands. I am not surprised by the top names (Bose, Dell, Apple), nor am I really surprised by Microsoft rock bottom position. I sometimes think that the alpha geeks hate Microsoft (because they see it for what it is), but that the general public has an appreciation for its products. But this is not so. People use Microsoft products because they have to. The only exception is the Xbox, but this survey points that even there Microsoft is in deep shit. I am very surprised by Sony's position. I would have thought that by now (the survey was conducted before the root-kit fiasco), most people would know that Sony is a shitty company, that doesn't stand by its products. We'll see what happens next year.

So that's the difference!

A researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, found that confident, self-reliant children tend to grow up to be liberals, while whiny, annoying children tend to grow up to be conservatives.
[From Harper's Weekly]

Avie is leaving Apple!

Dave Winer may think believing or not the 60% story is a test of technological knowledge, but I really think that all the Scoble posturing over the subject is just a smoke screen. The reality is that Vista is late... again. And Microsoft still hasn't produce a timely great product (the Xbox 360 maybe a great product, but it is certainly not timely. Four months after intro, you still can't get one at its suggested prize). The man who demonstrated how bad really Microsoft is, by producing release after release on time of a great OS, is leaving Apple. This is very significant news, and a much better test of technological understanding. What happened here? First, he reduced his role in the company, now he is leaving. They say to pursue other interests. Did he get bored? Does he not agree with the direction Apple is taking? Perhaps he knows what the future holds and doesn't like it. Perhaps he didn't like the switch to Intel. Perhaps Apple has decided to abandon the Mach Kernel he created. Whatever it is, this is the most significant change at Apple since, well, since the switch to Intel!

He sang...

Men cheat more than women, but women cheat better.
-Joaquín Sabina

Blue Balls Machine

Blue Balls

Magnificent Internet silliness!

That looks great! and so does this game.

Errr... I do that!

A third of Brits make phone calls while stark bollock naked, according to research from the Post Office, with four in ten blokes and three in ten lasses letting it all hang out while chatting on the blower.

If you thought that was naughty, think again. One in ten of those quizzed admitted to wandering off and leaving the caller talking to themselves, with two thirds guilty of watching TV instead of concentrating on the call.

One in twenty said that they had been so bored with a conversation they had even nodded off.
[From The Regiter]

Would you rather be smart or happy?

Tal Ben-Shahar is/was a professor at Harvard who made himself happy by taking himself out of a tenure track, you see not publishing made him happy. He fancy himself some sort of an expert in happiness (what? with no publications? ), so, he teaches a course about it. In the spirit of Cory Doctorw's novel theme, I feel compelled to answer each of his advice. Click below to read

[ more.. ]

Going Universal is way too hard...

An engineer from Adobe, tells the truth about the transition to Intel. Since Apple would not do the heavy lifting for them, Adobe has decided to go slow about getting Universal (read Intel compatible) applications. It is hard unless you were using Xcode from the start. This is the biggest hurdle Apple has. Office runs fine under Rosetta, but Photoshop feels much slower. This is another thing I was right about...
Update:A Microsoft Mac BU developer adds his opinion to this issue. You see? I was right and those armchair developers were wrong!

Nothing travels faster than bad news.

Douglas Adams said that, but added that no one would make an engine based on bad news as they wouldn't be welcomed anywhere. Everybody commented on the ban flights from USA to Venezuela. I said at the time that it was a negotiating strategy and was ignored (as usual). I bet that now the news that an agreement has been reached will not receive much attention. But I just wanted to say... I was right... nanner nanner...

How Come...

How come life doesn't come with background music? You know, like in the movies? It would help a lot. For example, you would know if you are in a dangerous situation or if what you said was a major screw up or revelation, because the music would get dramatic... You know, ta ta taaammm. I mentioned this to my wife (who puts up with a lot of my nonsense) and she said that if there was going to be music, she wanted to either chose it or at least have some kind of veto power over it. She said she didn't want any mexican mariachi music in her life... And I said "What if you are going to a mexican restaurant? It may be appropriate!" Ay Ay Ay Ayayayay

It's not only babies, it's not only words...

Babies decide what words to learn
Like teenagers, babies don't much care what their parents say. Though they are learning words at 10 months old, infants tend to grasp the names of objects that interest them rather than whatever the speaker thinks is important, a new study has found. [digg]
This happens at every age and with every subject. Some of us are incapable of understanding the most simple ideas, if it doesn't interest us, while at the same time getting the most complicated scenario in seconds if it picks our interest. That's why your kid can't pass a test in history, but knows every single detail about Star Wars...

About ten years too late, Assholes!

News: Sony MiniDisc recorder to feature Mac support
Sony's newest MiniDisc Walkman will feature Mac-compatibility and a USB 2.0 interface. [Macworld]

Show off your silly revenge!

Image The spanish site Fotos de mi Ex (pictures of my ex) proposes that if you either want revenge or just want to show off your past sexual partners, you send them the picture with whatever short text you want printed beside it. Can you find yourself in there? If you can't there is something to live for yet!
Update: Sad news, I've been told the site is dead. I tried it and seems to be true. No hope for us to get there...

Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity

Three years ago I was against the war in Iraq. Same as now. I joked about it, but said seriously As-Salamu alaikum, wa alaikum assalam. I still do not understand the reasons for invading Iraq. I also compared Saddam to Google! and complained about the arrest of a man for wearing a peace T-shirt. It would have been better if everybody had followed my advice and just have an orgasm.

Learn Math in High School

Thru BoingBoing I got whiff of this article giving twelve reasons why you should learn math in High School. The short version: You will be a lot less stupid if you do...
Choose math because it is cool. You have permission to be smart, you have permission to do what your peers do not. Choose math so you don't have to, for the rest of your life, talk about how math is "hard" or "cold". Choose math so you don't have to joke away your inability to do simple calculations or lack of understanding of what you are doing. Besides, math will get you a job in the cool companies, those that need brains.

That's one big difference

A big difference between Chavez and Bush is that we know Bush will be out of office by 2009.

Make your own Lightbulb

Ig-nobel 2002 winner, Theo Gray, of Periodic Table fame, has come up with an easy way to to make your own lightbulb. No, you won't be able to use in a normal lamp, but it will provide light.

Porn Euros passed as the real thing


I had to laugh at this story (found via digg ). A german company sells gimmicky fake paper money with sexy pictures on them, and people are accepting them as real!

Fisichella Wins Malasya

F1: Fisichella wins Malaysia GP
Renault's Giancarlo Fisichella beats team-mate Fernando Alonso into second in Malaysia, with Jenson Button third. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Fisichella Wins!

Great race for Fisicho! One, two for Renault. Ferrari 5th and 6th, didn't see most of the race, but I can say, I am glad there weren't any team orders to change this result (and give more points to Shumacher and Alonso)

Who's on fourth?

I have not written about the qualifying session in Sepang for a variety of reasons. First, I didn't see it. I was tired yesterday and had an early rising today for an important engagement. Second, I do not understand the result. The rules confusion in F1 continues. You see, there is a rule that says you have to use the same engine in two consecutive race weekends before changing it if you don't then your qualifying position will be ten places behind the actual position. So, for example, Schumacher qualified 4th, but had changed his engine so he should start 14th, right? Wrong! Because it depend on who else was punished and in what order, so he may end up as high as 11! But even this is not sure, because twelve hours before the race the official startup line up <a href='
tml" target="blank">has not been published</a>. So we will have to wait and see, or go to sleep, tired of not understanding and see tomorrow...

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