Leap Day? I must be at FOWA

Future of Web Apps, Miami.

We're here!!

At Barcamp Miami.

William F. Buckley RIP

He tried to teach us the meaning of synecdoche

BarCamp Miami is today!

I'm ready already...

Jonathan Coulton "Still Alive"

I Can End Deportation

ICED, the Game

Going to FOWA and BarCamp Miami

Some people say I do not know how to rest, and I think they are right. I've been planning a vacation since I had to work over Christmas and Carnival. After I plan it, the forces that be decided that I had to be in a conference call the first day of my vacation and then they decided that we better have a two day activity in other part of my vacation! Fine, I still had some days right? Wrong! Omar let me know that FOWA and BarCamp are going to be in Miami the rest of the days... Let me know if you are going (or know someone who is going). I'll try to extend my vacation, because I really need some down time...

Xbox 360 is being slammed... A Conspiracy Theory

I noticed the Xbox 360 is being slammed down all over the place. First the sudden and surprising victory of BlueRay over HD-DVD. Then a study that they have bigger failure rates than the Wii or the PS3, honestly 16% seem to low for all the people that has problems. Then a rumor that they are creating fake shortages, and finally, the notion that the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 in January, even if it is true it is probably a temporary consequence of the BlueRay win.

Why all this? well, as usual, I have a theory, not just a theory, a conspiracy theory! My guess is that Microsoft included support for DivX and XviD and with that piracy of movies got really easy. Just get ted and a bittorrent client in an old PC, ask ted to download the torrent file of each show you want and just watch it through the Xbox 360. It is genius. But made the movie industry mad which is retaliating by first killing HD DVD and then planting negative news stories about the 360. Listen people, I have two and, if it doesn't break, it is a great system. If it breaks Microsoft will repair it for free for three years. Get a 360. Sony will die any day now anyway.

You have to be a little crazy...

or else you go nuts!

Love Hurts

Fucking Valentine's day everyone

Why do they call it a "Holiday"?

I'm still doubtful

Miguel sent this article about Harvard going to web publishing for scholarly work, and I have to say it makes me nervous. The problem is the unproven and changing technology. How can we guarantee that in a hundred or in a thousand years those articles will still be readable? Well distributed paper copies do not have that problem, while poorly distributed papyri copy does (remember Alexandria? ). But a well distributed electronic medium has a problem. Imagine you find a wax cylinder, like the ones Thomas Alva Edison made, marked "Complete proof of the Riemann Hypothesis", how would you go about hearing that? Think that 16 years ago there wasn't a web, 30 years ago CD's did not exist...

Apple listens? It must have hearing problems!

Everybody seems to be so stupidly happy about the new Apple upgrade, that they seem to have forgotten what we wanted. We wanted Time Capsule support, we wanted Time Machine to Extreme with USB Hard Disks. We wanted more. Reporting on Apple is so full of fanboyism is not even funny...

This is very good!

This combined with my elementary level reading requirement means I am all set to charge top dollar for my content!

I did it for the lulz

Also, cocks.

I Can Has Rezearch Papar? By Sir Cyle Gage Ph.D., Interweb Memeticist.

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