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Vista Sucks Ass to the n-th power

I finally got around yesterday to installing Vista on my tablet. I've heard so many good things about the tablet features in Vista, I was actually looking forward to try them. I did the upgrade and after my tablet buttons stopped working. I had other problems (like no anti virus, and some programs that do not work). I know what the typical Microsoft fanboy will say: "The buttons is Gateway fault, the anti virus shit is Symantec's etc." But riddle me this: How come Windows Live Messenger refuses to connect? Thank you Microsoft! After spending a few dollars on your product I finally have a machine with less features! I am recommending that no one upgrades to Vista. If you really have a need for it, if you really can not take the other reasonable options like going to Mac OS X or Linux, or the semi reasonable one of staying with XP, then please, please, don't do an upgrade, buy a new machine with Vista installed. On the other hand, if you need a new machine, wait a year or two or buy used. Don't move to Vista unless you have to. No matter what Scoble says...

When you don't believe in democracy, you don't!

In a further show of his complete disregard for the democratic process, hypocrite Senator Lieberman has threatened to become a Republican if the Democrats insists in doing what the majority of americans want: stop wasting money in an unjust war. Lieberman is the guy guilty for the 2000 loss of the presidential election and he has repeatedly demonstrated that he will side with republicans over anyones objection. I think it would be better if he was an open republican instead of a closet one.

How can we get some aid here?

While Chavez is competing with the US to see who can aid Bolivia more, I wonder if we could get some kind of competition here in Venezuela. The "aid to Venezuela" field is empty. Whatever the government deems essential it disappears, according to the government because of hoarders. Whatever the government dislikes is declared illegal so it disappears too! We have seen this movie before, will we ever learn? Some people seem to be learning. Will we?

Easy: LockIn

JKOnTheRun Asks: Microsoft announces more Digital Readers, but why? The answer is easy: Lock-In. The readers are Windows only, Microsoft wants for Windows to be required in order to read newspaper. The different applications are there to make the naive user think that this is an app to read the newspaper, not a generic distribution mechanism (RSS). If someone makes a generic reader that looks decent Microsoft will sue them. The Newspaper angle is branding, not realizing that they are signing their online business to Microsoft...

An Optical Illusion

The square mark with A is the same color as the square marked with B. Click on the picture for proof.
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Would you like me "A La Mode"?

She said, as she put an Ice Cream scoop over her young body...

Problems with the server may be over

If you visit frequently you may have noticed there were times my site was not available. The hard disk in my server broke down and when I open it to replace it I screw something up, so the server would overheat. I have acquired a new server, and the old one has been semi-fixed and demoted to video player of my plasma TV. I also, finally, installed a UPS in my home server room. I should be set for a long time without interruption. If my normal URL ( ) doesn't work give a try to my new URL ( ), they come through different networks, you may find one is faster than the other for you. For my part, I'm looking forward to the next blackout in order to really test my setup. Since the Venezuelan government plans to take over electricity service in Caracas from the private company that has been doing it for more than a century, I don't think I will have to wait very long.

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