So, Apple today had a special event... The Mac mini with intel (predictable), iPod leather cases (for only 100$ ! ), and the iPod Hi-Fi, transform your little iPod into an old style behemoth for only 350$ !... even iYawn...

A solution to Global Warming?

The idea that the black plague may have cause the little Ice Age, makes me think the global warming has an easy solution...

Cuba as the Brothel of the Caribbean


Cuba: land of misery and bitterness. An excellent article about Cuba (in spanish).

Oh My God! They are paying it!

The Finance Minister announced that they will pay part of Venezuela's external debt! Damn! That's the correct thing to do when you have a surplus... (you hear that George? ). Now... I have criticized Chavez and his government like any thinking person, but credit where is due... This is a great idea. It's getting harder to criticized this government... just in time for the presidential elections...

Suicidal Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

So, my kids have this turtle and for years she has lived in a little garden in our apartment. But now she has decided enough of that and twice has jumped from a first floor height and run as fast as she could to the street. Since that's not very fast we have been able to recapture her. We tried to block her way, but we found her again going for it in a cornice a third time. Yesterday she jumped for a fourth time. So we took very drastic measures and surrounded her space with a metallic net. Well, I assumed turtles were not very agile and couldn't climb, but today we were stumped when we caught her in the middle of a new escape attempt!

Provisional road to La Guaria opened!

To my surprised and befuddlement the provisional road that connect the two ends of the viaduct has been opened. On time! Some people say it is unfinished, but we should find out about that soon enough. I am confused because my understanding was that the demolition of the viaduct was necessary to make that road safe. But, it is time to say. we were wrong it seems and the government has learned to do things quickly and efficiently. The time when it was easy to criticized this government may be over...

Half the world dies of hunger...

... the other half dies of obesity.

Finally had a chance to watch the "Secuestro Express" DVD I've been carrying around for what seem ages. It is an Ok movie, but very much worth seeing if you want to understand Venezuela reality. One thing, most of the scenes take place near my place there... Scary, huh?

The IT Crowd

I've been watching The IT Crowd, since the second episode and I really enjoy it... It is a british show about Sysadmins... How funny is it? Well, the guys answer the phone saying: Hello, IT, Have you tried turning it off and on again?

The Root of all Evil

Richard Dawkins hosts UK TV show about religious faith
Mark Frauenfelder: Panopticist reviews a UK TV special he bittorrented called The Root of All Evil?, hosted and narrated by devout atheist Richard Dawkins.
Picture 4-1 From the vantage point of the United States, the program is remarkable: You simply would never encounter such a brazen denunciation of religious faith on this country's airwaves, because the outcry from the religious right would be deafening. Dawkins's narration drips with contempt; as he goes about his rounds, it's as if he can hardly restrain himself from shouting, "I'm surrounded by IDIOTS!" The smoke coming out of his ears leaves a trail behind him wherever he goes.
[Boing Boing]

Richard Dawkins says: "Rationality should challenge religion. It has been a detrimental force in the history of mankind." and "The God of the old testament has to be the most hateful, vindictive character on all fiction." Here is a direct link to a torrent for the video. If you believe in God, you should not watch this program. If you are a bright you have to see it!

Carnival as a chance to steal art

Monet stolen under carnival cover
Gunmen take advantage of carnival commotion in Rio to steal works by Picasso, Dali, Matisse and Monet. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Music should be sold without DRM! Brilliant!

Yahoo Music exec suggests we'd all be better off without DRM
At a conference yesterday, a Yahoo Music executive suggested that the music labels would be better off without DRM. Will they listen?
[Ars Technica]
If music would be sold without DRM (as in CDs), with an open competitive system, the price would go down, but the volume would go to the roof. The only people who would prefer piracy, expending hours to download a song with iffy quality and no legality, to paying a few cents for a fast, good quality download, would be people with lots of time and little money. They wouldn't be paying clients no matter what you do. I know the big labels won't do it, but maybe a small one will find this is the path to success.

Just a bluff?

Venezuela cuts US airline flights
Venezuela cuts flights by US airlines as relations between the two states continue to deteriorate. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
I've been told this is a measure to put pressure on the US to permit venezuelan airlines to fly there. It's not supposed to affect my flight, I'll let you know if I find out more...

Paul Avrich, R.I.P.

He said: "Every good person deep down is an anarchist."

Late for work...

It's like licking a lollipop

Teenage oral-sex craze

"All over the city, in the very best schools, in the nicest families, in the leafiest neighborhoods, twelve- and thirteen-year-old girls are performing oral sex on as many boys as they can. They're ducking into janitors' closets between classes to do it; they're doing it on school buses, and in bathrooms, libraries, and stairwells. They're making bar mitzvah presents of the act, and performing it at "train parties": boys lined up on one side of the room, girls working their way down the row. The circle jerk of old shivering Boy Scouts huddled together in the forest primeval, desperately trying to spank out the first few drops of their own manhood has apparently moved indoors, and now (death knell of the Eagle Scout? ) there's a bevy of willing girls to do the work."

That's one huge cave!


Cueva del Fantasma, Aprada tepui, Venezuela
(Those are helicopters inside...)


I am very disappointed at this Ars Technica article. Normally they are right on target, but I doubt there was a case that they were so off base as this:
It can be argued that, although Microsoft's media formats carry a lot of weight, they are not the only game in town, nor are they likely to be anytime soon. For that to happen, Microsoft would have to find a way to erase the existence of MP3, AAC, and Quicktime.
This is way off base. It doesn't matter if Microsoft has succeeded at extending its monopoly to other markets or how good the competition in such markets is. Is the intention of extending the monopoly what is illegal. Creating digital music stores, CD protection methods, that can only be used with Windows, has only one motive, to control the music market by forcing people to use Windows if they want to hear music. The Intent is enough to condemn, but in the case of a monopolist acting illegally, the intent is the crime...

The 48 Laws of Power

Bruni points me out to the 48 Laws of Power. Yes, I agree with her, Chavez follows them and probably reads them everyday. It is clear why my power is limited... Law 5... I follow the exact opposite... Make a bonfire with your reputation.

Lazy sunday, perfect sunday

Over at his site Sumito relates the story of our perfect sunday. Drinking, eating, talking... We even learned how to tape interviews on an iPod, edit them with Garageband in order to create a podcast. Yeah, he is a Chef, so we talked about food a lot (he has very interesting points about healthy eating that I didn't know about nor am I going to follow them), but I am a geek, so soon enough the subject was technology...

I wonder...

Why hasn't Chavez cut the Oil supply to the US? He had said Venezuela has been abused, he has said we do not need them... What is taking him so long? Do it now!

Why hasn't he changed the constitution to be able to be reelected after 2012? He has always said he will govern Venezuela for many, many years... Why hasn't he done it? What's stopping him?

Why is it that Chavez talk so badly about being rich, but allow the salaries of the members of the nationally assembly, the directors of the public institutions, and the high ranking personel in the ministers to be more that 30 times the minimum salary (at least), even though the private enterprise is not paying similar salaries? (not to mention the many people that are stealing the government blind).

Why is it that Chavez talks about the oligarchs and rich as his enemies but allows a system that have made best years stockbrokers, banks, and bankers ever had?

Come on, Mr. President! You've said you will... Now, make it so!

Well said...

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not any man’s greed.”
- Mohandas K. Gandhi

The effect of preferring power to people

I would point to this site every single point, but what would be the point? This is too important to pass out:
Film report: The List, a documentary on the Tascon list and the discrimination it created

[The Devil's Excrement]

My MBP has shipped!

This morning I woke up with the great news from Apple that my MBP has shipped and should arrive by February 23, that means there is plenty of time for me to take it on my trip. I am so happy! The ups and downs have been amazing. I order the MBP minutes after it became available and for the longest time my order status indicated that it would arrive on the 23. Then Apple made the big processor switcharoo and my order status change to an arrival on March 7! I called and ask for expedite shipping (two days), but my order status remained march 7 ?). It ended up shipping on the 19 (the 20 sounds more likely) and will arrive the 23d... Pretty good after all.

Why Windows shouldn't be used on the Internet...

Here is a good recount of what happens when you connect a Windows machine to the Internet...

A chance encounter...

Surrealist said that you had to pay attention to every single chance encounter you had, because, who knows? it may be a life changing experience. Today I bumped into an old friend from College, Maria Teresa Urbina, and since the moment I saw her, we talked maybe five minutes, I've felt such a rush of memories. Things I've forgotten, not trascendental things, everyday things, everyday life. But so many good times. I wonder if she had as many memories of me as I had of her. I "googled" her and found the picture. Pretty, ain't she? I really like that her hair is still long...

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