Rabbit died

John Updike, R.I.P. I remember when I read "Rabbit Run"...

Good Luck Gustavo!

Dudamel’s First Season in Los Angeles Is Announced. I hope I can get to see him conduct the Los Angeles Philharmonic this year.

Sony posts loss, watch out Apple!

I am not saying it is because of me, but when you pissed a loyal customer, you'd probably pissed a lot of them and at the end you end up losing money. Yes, it can take several years, but the reason the PS3 is a failure is not because of the recession, is because Sony did not serve it customer well and a lot of us decided "enough of that". Apple should carefully look into Sony 3 billion loss. You forget your customer, youpay the price.

Apple is selling Software subscriptions!

Without making a big deal about it, Apple has been selling software subscriptions for years. If you want to stay in the current version of iWork or iLife you have to pay full price even if you own the last version. There is no upgrade path. This is a brilliant move by Apple, made only possible by the lack of criticism that it receives from media and its fans. Yeah, that's right, Apple doesn't have clients or customers it has fans that will gladly give them money for no reason. That's why Steve Jobs health issues should not affect the price of the stock. The recent slump in the stock price is just a buying opportunity. Apple reports today.

Corporate Faking

So waht do you do if you are a jet owning Corporation that wants money from the government? You know that the Corporate Jet is frown upon, so you have to get rid of it, right? Wrong! According to The Economist, you put your Jet on sale, but at a very high price, and keep using it. Nobody will buy it, but you can say that you put the Jet on sale. Neat, no?

Palm Shows Some Cojones!

So, Palm releases the webOS platform, my guess? They didn't check with any spanish speaking person with a sense of humor on that one. You want a second opinion? Ok, it will fail too.
Update: To complete a perfect presentation Palm introduced a new phone. The name? Pre! Because everybody wants to have the PrePhone, right? Wait, I think I'd rather have the PostPhone!

Mathematician Best Job in the Land

According to the Wall Street Journal being a Mathematician is much better than being a lumberjack, actually, it is the best possible job if you rank them by work conditions (including salary). Doesn't mean it is easy to find good jobs (you can ask me! ), but it means that once you find one, chances are it is great (again you can ask me! ). I choose my profession correctly, it seems.

The Ascent of the Social Geek and the Dearth of Gadget Variety

Abstract. On this paper we try to show how the new phenomenon of the Social Geek is affecting the world of technology creating a series of Monocultures and lack of diversity in gadgets and software environments. In the process we provide pertinent definitions and insights on the phenomenon of the Social Geek itself.


How is it that the Geek, traditionally associated with social ineptitude, is now the leader in Social Web, Social networking, and similar concepts? Is this geek the same that was previously called Nerds or Hackers? First, the Geek ascended to money making it socially acceptable to be one, then the Geek dictated the whole social construct of society. In the process we ended up with a very poor and uninteresting state of affairs in technology, with, basically, one processor architecture, one Operating System controlling the lion share of the market to only other two viable competitors, one Mp3 player, and, perhaps soon, only one mobile phone. How are these two events, the ascent of the social geek and the dearth of variety in technology, related? In what follows, we intent to show that the ascent of new type of geek, which we call the Social Geek, and the prevalence of some nerdy ways of adopting technology is the cause of the lack of choice in mature and semi-mature technology markets tending more and more rapid towards monoculture, with the lack of competition producing a boring and uninteresting landscape.

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Think too Deep? Eat too Much!

Finally, scientist have discovered why I am so fat, it is from thinking too much. I am going to start a diet of being dumb.

May the best of last year...

... be the worst of the new year...

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