Told you I was going to be rich!

Just got an email from someone interested in advertising here... What do you think my rates should be?

from Dora Baum
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date Jan 31, 2008 12:00 PM
subject Website Partnership Enquiry
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Good day,

My name is George Nelson and I am contacting you to inquire eventual purchase of a link on your website ( ). Could you please give us the prices for the following ad options:

1) text link on your homepage only
2) text link on all pages
3) text box 120x60, 125x125 on homepage
4) text box 120x60, 125x125 on all pages

Thank you in advance!

George Nelson

What if Apple had sold an unlocked iPhone for 600$?

Of the 3.75 million iPhones Apple sold in the US, some 1.7 million were unlocked... What if, Apple, what if?

Full speed! No more Bumps!

I knew it! Speed bumps and low speed limits cause global warming!... and Local Laming!

Apple rentals suck! Really!

I knew I wouldn't like it but I had to rent a movie to see the experience in the new Apple Movie Rentals. Well, it sucks even more than you expect. I was expecting not being able to use it with my iPod Video. Yes, it is the same hardware as the classic but it doesn't work. Why? Mostly because Apple doesn't want to. I am not buying the excuse that it is because it doesn't have a protected output. The analog hole is still there on the classic or the touch. I was mildly surprised to find the movies do not work on the touch, you need the latest upgrade... Right, I am going to lose my apps in order to pay Apple more money... But I was astonished beyond believe to find out the Movie rentals DO NOT appear on Front Row!!! Why? easy, Apple wants you to buy an Apple TV. This is greed an incompetence of a Microsoftian level. And, of course, nobody is commenting on it... but me!

How are we feeling?

This site tracks feelings through the internet. It has a lot of filters by location, age, etc.

Want to reach Nirvana?


I found it on the second floor of the Aventura Mall, just in front of Gymboree.

Damn them all!

I hate the guts of whoever called Digitel (my mobile phone operator) to tell them, wrongly, that my phone was stolen. I hate the gut of the person in Digitel that proceeded to ban my phone from the network. I hate the guts of anyone involved in solving this mistake, that have been unable to do it in over 24 hours. I have been without a phone since friday, thinking it was broken, yesterday I went to Digitel and found out what was really happening. I am very pissed off...

I hope each and everyone od these people dies a painful, slow, horrible death and if any of them are acting with malice I hope they get raped by dogs while dying.
Update: I love Julio, Hugo, Francisco, and Karina who helped me solve the problem in a few hours, after almost two weeks of suffering. Karina (a Digitel's VIP Attention specialist) also solved some other problems with my account, and she is very nice to look at. I also bought a N82 as my work needs an adequate phone to make presentations.

Apple is down!

It seems that the stock market doesn't like the number of iPhones sold, though all stocks seem to be down today. At this rate Apple is not on track to get the 10 million sold in one year and they have few countries where they plan to sell the damn things... Somebody mentioned somewhere that this fad will die soon. I am glad the stock is down, how stingy is it of Apple to charge 20$ for apps that should have been there from the start on the iPod touch? Come on! I've had those apps for ages thanks to hacking...

As for the Apple TV, what can I say? It still has no catch up to the media features one the Xbox, so forget it!

Time Capsule? Does it mean that we will be, finally, able to use Time machine with a disk connected to an Airport express? Or is it just for Time Capsule?

Yes, yes, you know as I do that I want a Macbook Air... What? No replaceable battery???... Let me think it over...

People are irrational about money... Among other things!

From the article: When it comes to money, as in most other aspects of life, reason and rationality are trumped by emotions and feelings.

Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker!

Why would anyone that can play I real guitar want something like this? I have no idea... But I do!

Wikia has no chance

I really wanted to like Wikia, I really wanted to believe it would get us to better search, but after the release of the non release today, I have serious doubts it can. Today Wikia launched without any feature of those announced. Some would argue that when Wikipedia came out it was empty, yes, but you could write on it! Right now you can't do anything in Wikia besides fill out a profile and search. But more importantly, Wikia is not an empty slate, it start with an algorithmic search. It has to, otherwise it would be a mess. Problem is, it should start either with Google or with an amalgam of different search engines, instead it start with a bad slate, a broken one at that. As with Mahalo it fails to provide something to work with. You put in a proper name and instead of getting a Wikipedia biography or the person blog you get something else, sometimes the persons flikr page! The main thing is, we are not looking for a new search engine, hence to have a chance a new search engine has to be useful, I do not believe Wikia will get there. I hope they prove me wrong.

Santa on the streets of Caracas

Santa en las calles is an initiative of some young people in Caracas. They get dress as santa and his helpers and go giving food and warm clothes to homeless people. In its second year it is already fairly big. This is the video from 2007.

Getting rid of zeroes

Well, the government decided to change the currency in Venezuela without changing the name. The new Bolivares are called strong Bolivares, though the adjective is supposed to disappear in time. It will not ever be a very strong bolivar. Inflation and the dollar differential will see to that. But the reconversion is going as badly as I expected. One bank seem to have done very little, they simply subtracted the right amount. So that if you had 1.000.000 on December 31, 2007, on January 1, 2008 you had a Reconversion Charge of 999.000 Bs. so that you get the 1000 Strong Bolivares that you should have. I have heard stories of banks charging a 800 Strong Bolivar fee on a 300 Strong Bolivar transaction, Obviously, they did not change the currency of the Fee. I visited 5 ATMs today, only tow were working. One refused my card, the other gave me old, weak bolivares. This promises to be an interesting month... It is too late for my advice, which is keep cash at hand!

Scotch Mist

I'm starting the New Year watching Radiohead's pre taped concert on Current TV.

May the best of last year...

... be the worst of the new year...

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