My Appleless Future

Posted by aoctavio on July 26, 2009, 12:53 pm
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Last week I brought my broken MacBook Air to a Genius. The hinge had broken, this is a common problem as reported by by engadget. I got a chance to see what Apple's policy really is. They know it is a problem, but will repair it under Apple Care only if the machine looks pristine. A single scratch or a mark may make it impossible for the Genius to help you. End result? I've been traveling all over the US with a broken machine. I've had conversations with at least three people that were thinking of buying a Mac laptop and I've told them don't do it unless you have to.

I've bought 25 Macs in my life. Used to be I bought a Mac pretty much every year for a member of my family. The last Mac I bought was this Air a year and a half ago. My wife got her job to buy her a MacBook Pro 15' and I may get my job to get me a 13'. I will also attempt to hackintosh a Dell. From a loving relation with Apple I am now in a confrontational one. They'll win but they will not get my money as much as they used to. I will still use their products, because I have them, but I will think very hard about alternatives when I need to replace them. The hardest thing to replace is the iPods. I don't know of any other Mp3 player that works like the iPod with podcasts and with Linux. I may end up getting a Pre if they go GSM at some point unless Microsoft, makes the Zune Mac OS X and Linux compatible!).

I will use my broken MacBook Air for traveling a 2000$ machine is now worthless except as advertisement against Apple.
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