Yep, Nokia is doomed

Posted by aoctavio on July 7, 2009, 4:10 pm
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Yesterday, news circulated that Nokia would make an Android phone, my heart fluttered with excitement. I love my G1, but the hardware is lacking in a way that Nokia has never been, since my accidental falling in love with the N-Gage. I bought that N-Gage in an emergency when my Visor Phone broke entering a mall. The N-Gage was the only GSM phone that was unlocked. I thought I would get another phone and sell the N-Gage, but I liked it way too much for that. Since then I almost owned a 6600 (My wife kept it after using it for a couple of weeks), a 7610, N80, N710, N800, N95, N82, loved them all. Unfortunately, Nokia denied the rumor of Android, and with that Nokia is indeed doomed. They are travelling the road that Motorola traveled. After making a ton of different phones, having smashing success, they no longer have innovation in their blood. Furthermore, they have so many people set in their ways that I see little chance of change until they get to the desperate stage. As Sun and Palm show, at that stage change is very hard to do well. I really think Nokia could have made it and I am really sad they won't.
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