Now this is stupid...

Posted by aoctavio on March 11, 2009, 8:48 pm
in rem ( Tyromaniac)

Apple seems to be relishing its place as the new Sony and Microsoft combined. They seem to be coming up with stupid products to see if people realized how bad they are. First, if you connect to the website with Firefox in Linux, you get a message saying that you need to upgrade your browser. It works perfectly but Apple decided to imitate Microsoft on that one. "Let's kick them for not using our product." Then the new Shuffle, it has to be the most stupid thing I've ever seen. You can only use the headphones they give you, or buy an expensive accessory, they couldn't do an accessory, they had to tie you with the headphones. Forget using speakers with your music player. The good feature is the playlist in the iPod, sounds good, except it also sounds like a nightmare to remember what you have to press for how long to get the info you want. It is really a product that would have made Sony proud. It will sell, of course... because People Are Fucking Boring.
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