Somebody is Lying

Posted by aoctavio on December 4, 2008, 12:10 pm
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A few months ago we all heard Steve Jobs say that Apple had sold more phones than Blackberry. Of course, when you check the phrase you notice it lacks context, which type of phone?, which geography? The markets number are being manipulated left and right. The first clue of these manipulation is that they are now talking about "Smartphones". This is a no no when one talks about market share. You do not make artificial divisions of a market. People are not buying Smartphones, they are buying phones and some have more features than others. There isn't even a clear definition of Smartphones. The manipulation is made to be able to claim whatever you want: Apple is beating RIM, Apple has 16.6% of the "Smartphone" market, and Apple has 12.9% of the "Smartphone" market, behind RIM which we ignore how much it has, but it has grown tremendously. Sounds fishy? Welcome to the Smartphoney market. All those numbers are baloney and the presentation is designed to push Apple stock up and push RIM stock down. The reality is clear, Apple has almost no presence in the real market of Cell Phones. It has less than 0.04% of the real market, while RIM is the number 5 manufacturer with 2.01% and is poised to surpass Motorola. Look at that chart and ask yourself: Which stock should be increasing in price? The FTC should investigate this clear manipulation of the markets. (Read comments by Martin Hill).
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