Why the hell is the Kindle great?

Posted by aoctavio on November 1, 2008, 9:14 am
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There are a few more Kindle users now and even Oprah has adopted it I am finding myself more and more often talking with other people, Kindle owners or not, about what makes the Kindle great.

To get it out of the way, the Kindle is great, but as this late review hints at, what makes the Kindle great is not the gadget part. As a gadget it has a lot of defects, it leaves you desiring so much more, stupefied about some design decisions and lack of a feature (or ten! ). No, as a gadget the Kindle is a failure. But there are three things the Kindle does great. First, you can read books on it. It is, after all, its main purpose, and when you are reading a book, the gadget doesn't exist. Second, it allows you to buy books. This gives you instant gratification, which I can't emphasized enough how great that is. Finally, it allows you to manage your book inventory in a very efficient way. Most readers fear being left cold without a good read. When you are on a trip or when you have to wait for your books to arrive. You want a pile a books. But the pile gets hard, you want to read the latest book, leaving some of your early purchases in the cold. Well, no more. If you want a book, and if it is available for the Kindle (a big if! ), then you can read it immediately and you don't have to buy it, until you want to read it. It's a great feeling.
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