Yeap, he did...

F1: Schumacher wins US race
Ferrari's Michael Schumacher wins an incident-packed US Grand Prix to edge closer to Renault's Fernando Alonso in the world championship. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
A special mention should be made of Fisichella and Trulli race. Fisichella beat Alonso, and so did Trulli, but Fisichella didn't have the advantage of using Bridgestone.

Michelin humiliated again at Indianapolis

Ferrari makes a 1-2. This is what Michelin wanted to avoid with the ridiculous tactics last year. They weren't prepared for this race, they weren't prepared last year. To all who talked too much about last year race, today only 9 cars finished, last year all 6 cars that started finished. That's something to think about. Long live Ferrari!

A year later...

Michelin tyres are still not worth spit on Indy. An all red front row and a different race for Alonso, shows Ferrari would have won last year race if there had been one, but the cowards from Michelin were too afraid to lose face.

They haven't learnt

After the shameful spectacle of a year ago, some people have decided we are dumb, everybody knows what happened a year ago. A tire manufacture went to Indy unprepared. With only one set of tyres that wasn't suitable for the track. When it realized its mistake, having most of the cars wearing its tyres, they decided to put pressure on the organizers: Change the rules or we don't play. They claim they wanted to race for no points, but only if the cars that buy tyres from the other manufacturer also raced for no points! How unfair is that? Let's punished the guy who came prepared for our own mistakes! To repeat that version today is really mindless. To point fingers at Ferrari or Schumacher is insulting. The only guilty party is Michelin (and they lost a very faithful client in me).

Schumacher wins! (second place)

Schumacher wins second place! and it's a firm candidate to become subchamp...

What Montoya does with his head...

He breaks it with his hands. Great start for Montoya fighting and winning against Schumacher, who not content with starting fifth lost two positions on the start. But then Montoya does one of his trick managing to kick Nico Rosberg out of the race and braking the nose of his car in the process. Schumacher back in fifth, Fisichella screws up again on the start so Kimi is second. Which is as high as anyone not named Fernando Alonso will get...

Alonso Dominates absolutely!

F1: Alonso wins at Silverstone
Renault's Fernando Alonso wins the British Grand Prix at Silverstone ahead of Michael Schumacher. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
With Alonso so reliably strong is time for us to start talking about who will come in second...

Alonso on Pole on Silverston

In this time of World Cup it turns out there is still an F1
F1: Alonso claims pole
F1 championship leader Fernando Alonso will start Sunday's British GP in pole - but Jenson Button is back in 19th. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Thanks for the memories....

Monaco is my favorite race... Thanks for the memories! Until next year...

Renault and Alonso increase advantage in Championship

F1: First Monaco win for Alonso
Renault's Fernando Alonso wins the Monaco Grand Prix for the first time after an action-packed race. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Alonso Wins!

Monaco is a place where pilots make a bigger difference, so it is only fitting that Alonso wins it. Montoya and Coulthard, two good drivers that lack the edge to become great, are second and third. Schumy manages fifth from the last place, the best possible result after what he did yesterday. His greatest virtue is his biggest flaw: He wants to win at any cost. Semi-typical Monaco race with big disappointments for Kimi and Klein.

He got caught!

F1: Schumacher stripped of pole
Michael Schumacher must start from the back of the grid in Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix after losing pole position for an infringement. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
I'm actually kind of glad this happened. It may make the sport cleaner...

Trick pole for Schumacher in Monaco

So, Schumacher wins the pole at Monaco in a weird way. He was first going in the last few turns when, quite coincidentally, his car couldn't turn at La Rascasse hair pin. Just by chance his car forced others to slow down, including for example Alonso who was 3 tenths faster in his last partial. This is the typical unregulated abuse that can't be avoided in Formula 1. Since the last rule chance pilots only have a few minutes to set the pole time, hence, creating an interruption in those last minutes can be highly beneficial. Now, having said that, and making clear I find this deplorable, I do not believe clothes tearing screamers, like Briatore, that are complaining about it... The reality is, they are just angry they couldn't do it themselves.

Monaco this weekend!

You know what that means...

Alonso wins...

F1: Spanish glory for Alonso
Fernando Alonso delights the crowd at the Spanish Grand Prix by taking victory ahead of Michael Schumacher. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
Boring and uneventful race...

Schumacher wins in Imola

F1: Schumacher holds off Alonso
Michael Schumacher wins a gripping San Marino Grand Prix for Ferrari by holding off the challenge of Fernando Alonso's Renault. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Renault screws up, Ferrari wins!

Schumacher wins a race, but Alonso is still the man to beat. It is clear they screw up when the Renault came into its second stop. It should have stayed in track and made fast laps. Still, this is a special race for Ferrari, we have to see if they keep the pace in the next few races. Renault does well in all tracks...

Schummy Pole at Imola!

F1: Schumi breaks pole record
Michael Schumacher sets a new all-time record for Formula One pole positions at the San Marino Grand Prix. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
I hope this means Ferrari's resurrection and competition for Alonso/Renault. It seems to me that neither Fisichella, nor Masa are good enough for the car they drive. We shall learn more next year when Alonso goes to McLaren. There seems to be some bad blood between Briatore and Alonso for some criticism the champion made of the Renault team. He claims he has lacked support from the team and that he expects nothing from them this year. I wonder what he means...

With this pole Schumacher breaks the tie with Sena making him the record pole setter.

Asleep before the race, insomnia afterwards

Didn't see the race because I was too tired, and now I am up with insomnia....
Alonso puts Button in his place
Renault's Fernando Alonso dominates the Australian Grand Prix as Jenson Button fades after starting on pole. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Button takes Pole, Ferrari screws up.

Button snatches pole in Australia
Britain's Jenson Button grabs his third career pole position at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Fisichella Wins Malasya

F1: Fisichella wins Malaysia GP
Renault's Giancarlo Fisichella beats team-mate Fernando Alonso into second in Malaysia, with Jenson Button third. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Fisichella Wins!

Great race for Fisicho! One, two for Renault. Ferrari 5th and 6th, didn't see most of the race, but I can say, I am glad there weren't any team orders to change this result (and give more points to Shumacher and Alonso)

Who's on fourth?

I have not written about the qualifying session in Sepang for a variety of reasons. First, I didn't see it. I was tired yesterday and had an early rising today for an important engagement. Second, I do not understand the result. The rules confusion in F1 continues. You see, there is a rule that says you have to use the same engine in two consecutive race weekends before changing it if you don't then your qualifying position will be ten places behind the actual position. So, for example, Schumacher qualified 4th, but had changed his engine so he should start 14th, right? Wrong! Because it depend on who else was punished and in what order, so he may end up as high as 11! But even this is not sure, because twelve hours before the race the official startup line up <a href='
tml" target="blank">has not been published</a>. So we will have to wait and see, or go to sleep, tired of not understanding and see tomorrow...

Alonso wins Bahrain

F1: Alonso wins in Bahrain
Renault's Fernando Alonso beats Michael Schumacher's Ferrari in the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

The good F1 is back!

Great race! Alonso finally is allowed to win a race from Schumacher. This race shows that last year was a rules fluke, but that Alonso is as good as he showed. Raikkonnen has an amazing race that we didn't see, beating Montoya who should be ashamed. Massa still has a lot to learn. Still, Schumacher took pole (and tied Sena with 65) and has a podium to start the year. What a difference a year makes.

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