Nokia Maps show why Ubica2 stink

Being outside the US has made me use the Nokia Maps add. It's kind of ridiculous that they ask you to buy routes (you can only simulate them until you do), and the GPS is slow, but usable while walking. While driving it's so so, you really had to get the GPS going before starting the car which is a hassle. But the app itself is fast and logically designed. It makes me wonder what were the designer of the Venezuela only map app Ubica2 thinking. They made a big effort to make the maps, but then decided to put them in a useless wrapper. If they have sold the maps (with routes) to Nokia it would have been better for them and for us. As it is they have probably delayed the use mapping applications by several years as people will think Ubica2 is all you can get. Nokia Maps show Ubica2 sucks. Digitel and Movistar should fix it or get out of the game...

I'm just asking...

Why instead of a "Bono del Sur" the Venezuelan Government doesn't just give each of us a briefcase like the one in Argentina? Call it "Bono de la Maleta"

N95 dissappoints

I'd been lusting after the N95 for some time now. The dream of a GPS plus a better camera was too much to resist (the other features are similar to the N80). But the 700$ price tag was too high for me. So when Digitel offered the phone with a Chavez rebate for 380$ I had to take it. Plus, the phone came with maps of Venezuela which are very hard to find. The phone and camera are great, but the phone is similar to the N80 not much special save for the fact that I can show the screen on a TV or Video bean which is useful to one of my current projects you know nothing about. The color on the back is Zune like and disgusting I don't understand who approved this at Nokia, don't expect him or her to keep his or her job. The GPS is really disappointing. First, it is slow as molasses. Second, it can't be used as a Bluetooth GPS with a computer or other device. Finally, the Venezuelan Maps work in a special program that is really badly designed. I don't get why in a country with so many brilliant programmers, companies do not pay to have a few guys with taste to make the programs usable. The program is slow, independent of the Nokia Map app (which works great), has really confusing menus, and lacks obvious functionality as routes or directions. I haven't found a way to use the maps in other apps, but I'll keep trying. Unfortunately, Google Maps can't use the N95's GPS. This is strange because in the Blackberry (I also got a Pearl) it can connect to a Bluetooth GPS. In general, the Phone is very usable and fast which I like. Besides the GPS problems I have little to complaint about... except... the headphones! How come that we have a headphone stereo and mini stereo standard but we don't have a a headset standard? I have dozens of headphones, headsets, and adapters, but I want to use the ones I want to use!!! This seems to be beyond current technological possibilities for reasons I can't fathom.

Ernesto Viso Frightening crash at Magny Cours (He's ok)

You would think that when a country like Venezuela has a driver in GP2, basically one step away from Formula 1, it would be news, you would think that when that driver is doing well in that series it would be news, you would that when that driver has a frightening crash in a race it would be news. But it wasn't. Unless you were reading blogs. Nobody talked much about it. After hearing he was allright I never thought the accident was as horrendous as it was. I put it here as proof that it really was. Lucky for him he didn't have a single broken bone and will be able to return to racing soon...

Venezuela Won Against Peru in Copa America

Venezuela beat Peru 2-0 in the second Copa America match it has won ever! The first match was won against Bolivia in the fifties. Every single Venezuelan has to rejoice for this. It is a great trumph for our country that shows we can do good when we want. No politics here, just futbol.

iPhone? You don't need an iPhone if you have an X5!

Yesterday, while the mindless crowds where lining up for an iPhone that today can be bought with little hassle, I was at the Venezuelan introduction of the new BMW X5. Nothing to do with the iPhone you say? Bullocks! After all, you can connect your iPhone through the iPhone connector to hear music and through Bluetooth to use it as a phone (bet you didn't know you could use the iPhone as a phone).

Another failed plan

I went to Catia with a red shirt, but it didn't work out. Everybody still criticized Chavez to me.

Homeland, Socialism, or Death, but mostly... Death...

The moto of the Chavistas: "Homeland, Socialism, or Death" always reminds me of an inside joke we had in We said that our service was "fast, cheap, good... choose any two!" The Chavista Moto clearly comes from "Homeland or Death," used by Cubans, but also expressed by the American patriot that said "Give me liberty or give me death." He wasn't asking for personal freedom, but for freedom for the homeland, meaning that the homeland belongs to its inhabitants, not to a distant or closed by King. The thing with the Chavist moto is that choosing between three options is ambiguous, that's also the root at the joke. Today I finally understood what they meant. Homeland is what we all want, Socialism is what they claim they want, Death is what we all will get for sure. So, they mean, you'll may get what you want, or you may get what we want, but for sure you'll die!. Homeland, Socialism, or Death, but mostly... Death...

Venezuela currently leader in Cyber attacks

According to Akamai's recently released Real Time Web Monitor, Venezuela is the indisputable leader on Cyber Attacks with 797 in the last 24 hours. I have no idea what they mean by attacks (to what? What is an attack? Have I made any lately?) or how reliable are these numbers. But funny, yes that is for sure. I took a picture so that it'll be preserve for posterity.

Not all elections are created equal

It says: "Do you agree with the resolution of March 13, 1938 that incorporates Austria into the German Reich and do you select the candidates that belong to the party of our leader Adolf Hitler?" The big circle says "Yes", the small one "No". So, it's not as if it hasn't been tried before...

My Call to Buzz Out Loud!

So, yesterday in the Buzz Out Loud podcast they asked about Venezuela and RCTV and YouTube and Chavez. They asked if someone from Venezuela was listening to give them a call so I did... And they played it in Tom is so Mad (today's podcast). The best thing is that they laughed! Yes, I made Veronica laugh! (and Tom, and Molly) icon_biggrin Is at minute 28:06 approximately, but I know you won't make the effort, so here it is.

Leave it to geeks

How I wish that most article in the foreign press about Venezuela were half as good as this Ars Technica article. They get the situation as well as anyone who doesn't live here, and better than a lot who do live here. They mention all the important pieces... If RCTV participated in a coup, why aren't they in jail? If Chavez is such a fan of stability, why did he participated in a coup in 1992? At the end, this is just another sign that you can't closed down a channel and not lose the international opinion battle. Ideas are fought with ideas, not with fire arms... ¡Que vivan los estudiantes!

What lies ahead is an oportunity.

I haven't written about the imminent demise of RCTV. As a matter of fact, I haven't written much about Venezuela lately. The reason is that, as usual in this country, I feel like a foreigner or worse, an outcast. I haven't agreed with the opposition in so long is not even funny, and of course, I could never agree with the Chavismo in anything at all. I find the opposition lacks imagination and it's not open to ideas, especially not to new and reasonable ones: They want to close a TV station? Let's march and do a pot banging... Right... 'cause that's worked so well before. I also find Chavismo so stale and wimpy. They want to pretend everything is legal, but they do it so clumsily.

This time around I didn't have to think too much to know what I would do if I were a boss in RCTV. I would make money! How? By moving my programing to Cable TV. If the government forbids that I would beam my programing from a satellite (there are enough parabolic antennas still and good programing would sell even more). I would make the channel available in all of Latin America and the US. I would put pretty much the same programing they have today with two small... ehem.... changes, changes that I give away for free here right now, so if you know Marcel Granier or any of the RCTV Bosses, just tell them to read this. Here are the two changes: 1) keep producing Soap Operas Venezuela style, but make them R-rated. Then sell translated/subtitled versions to HBO, Showtime, etc. 2) Create a program, I'll even give you the name, "Con quien quiere hablar?" ("Who do you want to speak to?"). The program consist of live commentary of Chavez' program ("Alo Presidente" ) and every single time he forces the Venezuelan stations to transmit one of his speeches or some other nonsense. The greatness of this idea is that the commentary doesn't have to be very intelligent (the entertainment value would be provided by Chavez), just an opportune "What the fuck?" and some funny expressions would be more than enough. I believe this program would become very popular in all of Latin America (note to bosses: Make an English and Portuguese version no reason to lose those markets! ). Crisis are just opportunities, Chavez likes to create and control them. The opposition should just take advantage of that. One final thought to the RCTV bosses: Want more innovative programing like this? A decent salary in Miami for me would make you millions!

Justice isn't just blind...

it's also retarded.

An update on a classic...

RMS sings Guantanamero, You can get the ogg file here.

Venezuela Celebrates the Dark Ages

We, Venezuelans, are little more than misunderstood fans of the Dark ages. In that spirit I built a Trebuchet in order to celebrate my national identity. This is a small one, but I plan to build a much bigger and deadly one, capable of creating real mayhem and solving my problem of not being able to see The Magic Mountain (El Avila) from my apartment in Caracas. Medieval weapons are really popular in Venezuela, as are any other type of weapons, in fact, over 15% of all violent deads are caused by medieval weapons. Specially around April 19th when we normally celebrate our very own independence day by shooting rocks at things we do not like. The trebuchet is great at that! Enjoy...

Not violent enough...

Venezuela is only number 4 on homicides per capita worldwide, so no podium for us. Five hundred death for each million is not enough. I wonder if they counted violent deaths, maybe then we could win?

Venezuelan Wunderkind to lead Los Angeles Philharmonic

Venezuelan director, Gustavo Dudamel, will lead the Los Angeles Philharmonic in 2009 after current director Esa-Pekka Salonen ends his tenure. Congrats to him. Most Venezuelans will probably ignore him... as they do with anyone who is successful.

Milka in Indy

In this year Indy 500, there will compete 3 women racers including Venezuela's Milka Duno. I am very proud of her and I am rooting for her to win come May 27th. I believe she is the first Venezuelan to race at Indy.

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