Massa on pole

Massa on pole ahead of Alonso, Raikkonen, and Hamilton... Good race toonight.

Only the british?

Can twist a headline like this: Hamilton outshines Raikkonen win. Compared with the Spanish and Italian versions.

Kimi wins his maiden race with a Ferrari!

Amazing! Kimi not only finishes but wins the first race! I lost my bet. What does it mean? Well, first it may mean that Ferrari is more reliable than McLaren was last year, it may mean that Kimi has matured and learn how to drive a car to the finisg line, we won't know until later this year. But both McLaren finished the race, with Alonso providing one of his usual "if you can't win be consistent" performance and Lewis Hamilton having a great debut. Kimi race is amazing, it isn't easy for a driver to win the first race in a new car, in a new team. Are the McLaren more reliable than last year or just lucky? For now the only thing we can be sure of is that Alonso, the overwhelming favorite, will start with a handicap in points. Another salient feature of the race was Massa's amazing effort from 22nd to 6th. That may show the real state of Ferrari in this new times of single marquee tires. BMW did not delivered on the promise and Renault proved to be a team built around a driver they no longer have. Which brings me to my negative comment on the race. The elephant in the room that nobody is mentioning: Team orders. Does anyone really think that Alonso's pit overtake of Hamilton wasn't manufactured by McLaren and ordered by Ron Denis? I prefer the openness of the previous year in Ferrari rather than the unbelievable hypocrisy of this new "no first driver" era.

Kimi got the pole!

But he has Alonso at his heels. Massa couldn't qualify. First racers are weird. How weird? Sato is 10th! Right beside Ralf Schumacher,unfortunately, the only Schumy left...

Massa Wins Race, Alonso Wins Title, Schumcher Wins it all!

In his last race ever Shucmaches had to suffer, but sometimes those are the best races for champions and we had a great race today. Yes, Massa won in his home turf which is great, Alonso won the championship and kudos go to him. But Schumacher said goodbye to racing showing he is still the best racer of them all. Incredible passes and from last to fourth place in amazing form. This will go to the annals of racing and Schumacher will become a legend. We will tell our kids we saw him race, I'll even be able to say I saw him race live (at Indy 2000). For a while we will hear about his shortcomings, about he being a flawed champion, and some will remind us of his aggressive tactics and the times he was caught cheating. But in time that will be forgotten (remember Fangio? ) and that is a pity. Because I prefer heroes that are human, like Schumacher, like Maradona, like Sena. They are much better than the perfect unreachable demi gods that most champions pretend to be but aren't. There are heroes up there and heroes down here, but the best heroes are the ones that have a little in heaven and a little in earth. Thanks Michael for being the best racer ever and still being a human being.

Schumy blows engine, Alonso pretty much champion!

Win puts Alonso on brink of title
Fernando Alonso wins the Japanese GP to move within touching distance of the world title as Michael Schumacher's Ferrari breaks down. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Ferrari on Pole, but with Massa

F1: Ferrari in top position
Felipe Massa heads an all-Ferrari front row in qualifying at the Japanese Grand Prix, with Renault's Fernando Alonso only fifth fastest. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Thanks for the memories, Pt. II

We are going to win...

Schumacher wins against all odds.

Schumacher on top after China win
Ferrari's Michael Schumacher takes the world championship lead after beating Renault's Fernando Alonso in Shanghai. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Bye bye to the best racer ever...


Schumacher to retire
Michael Schumacher is to quit Formula One at the end of the season. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
Whatever you can say about Schumacher you have to say he is the best driver in the world. He has achieved more than anyone before him and I don't think I'll get to see a driver as good as him ever. yes, he is not perfect, he is even human! But that for me just makes it more interesting. He is the greatest! Thanks for the memories!

Engine betrays Alonso after he does the hard work!

Alonso was the best racer, with a new engine in a very reliable car. From 10th place, after a harsh penalty, he was third behind Kimi and Schumy. But his engine blew up, something it hasn't done in a while. With that Ferrari is first in the constructor champions and Shumy is only two points behind Alonso. Exciting last three races!

Didn't see the race!

F1: Massa wins Turkish GP
Felipe Massa claims his first victory while Fernando Alonso gets the better of title rival Michael Schumacher. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

It is not often that I can say that partying all night made me miss the race...

England is happy!

Button takes first Grand Prix win
Britain's Jenson Button ends the wait for his first Grand Prix victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Update: BMW polish driver Kubica, who substituted Villeneuve and had an amazing race arriving 8th, was found to have too light a car. His result was annulled. Schumacher, despite retiring arrives 8th and gets a point! This is a little known rule that says that racing stops after everyone on lap crosses the line. This rule is in order to avoid problems between cars still racing and cars celebrating...

Amazing race!

great race! many changes, the best drivers penalized by pit decisions and errors. The championship stays the same, which has to be considered a triumph for Renault, except they were winning the race and they lost it in a pit mistake. I'm very happy for Button one of those drivers that I think is better than his record show but has not have a car to demonstrate it. Great for Honda and I'm very happy with the third place for BMW, a great start for what will be a great team! I reiterate my wish that all races would be like this. I imagine everybody will remember today that famous Fangio's phrase: To finish first, first you have to finish...

Man, this is racing!

We've seen the best four laps of the last decade of F1 racing. I was right to wish for rain, not only because the weather pleased me, but because it has made the race much more interesting. Alonso demonstrates again that he is one of the great ones. Yes, the Michelin tyres are better on this semi-wet. But Alonso was better than everyone, including a pass to Schuamcher that has to be one of the best ones. I'm glad and I wish all the races were like these first four laps.

Do you understand this?

What a weird classification session it's been! First, Alonso gets a 2 second penalty for some dangerous maneuvers and passing under a yellow flag. Then Schumacher got the same punishment for passing under a red flag! The end result Raikkonnen got the pole from Massa, Schumacher will start from the 11th place and Alonso from the 15th. Meanwhile, rumor has it that Briatore may retire, Ross Brown will retire, Schumy is 50-50 on retiring, and Raikkonnen will race for Ferrari next year... We have to wait on the race tomorrow to see how this year championship will come up. Me? I'm praying for rain...

Reanult, Mass Damper, and F1 ridiculous rules

The Mass damper saga continues. This is a piece of technology developed by Renault last september, it's basically a weight that moves up and down in order to stop the front wheels vibration in a less than flat surface. The whole Renault car was designed around it, even though it may not produced a big advantage (perhaps .2 seconds per lap), it seems that now the car is much harder to set up. A day after the race in France it was declared illegal, after being in use for the whole season, then the race officials at Hockenheim declare it legal. But the FIA director said it was not, then it was authorized ofr Hungaroring, just to have the race marshalls question its legality again. There will be a hearing in September, but Briatore says Renault will not use them and risk the points gained on those races annulled later. He also says this is a stain and an interference with the championship. He is right, of course. Amazing. The thing is that FIA has gotten used to changing the rules toi make things interesting. And this is exactly what Michelin wanted in last year Indy, but FIA doesn't want a per race interest, they just want to keep the championship interesting. Last year, they decided to forbid tyre changing during the race, thus eliminating 5 time champion Ferrari. This year they put it back on, just to discover that it wasn't enough against Alonso and Renault. So they just look for something else. The problem is that, while it may be good for Ferrari and for Schumacher (he may be retiring this year), this is terrible for the sport. You can't freeze technology in F1, it is supposed to be the technology formula. But even worse, you can't keep changing the rules constantly in ways it's impossible to understand for most people. Already, seasons can't be compared, since the rules have changed, we are coming close to the point were races can't be compared. My guess is that they want Alonso not to win the title this year, so they can give it to him and McLaren next year. Schumacher will retire this year and Raikkonnen will be Ferrari's driver for next. All in a movie that we may not want to see...

Ferrari 1-2 at Hockenheim!

Great race for Ferrari and for Kimi. It is clear that something is happening with Alonso. I don't think it is the mass-damper removal. I think it has to do with the key of the past two seasons: Tyres. Michelin is leaving F1 and, clearly, has fallen behind in development. Something that has been showing since last year Indy. Last year it had a further advantage in that cars weren't allowed to change tyres during the race. It would have been another story if these schizo rule changes didn't occur. As proof of what is happening with tyres, look at the races of Trulli and Webber. Yes, Webber couldn't finished, but he was doing great. See you next week. Still in hight heat. I leave you with this question: How come we haven't seen rain in a race for the longest time?

Kimi takes the Pole!

F1: Raikkonen takes pole
McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen takes pole position for the German Grand Prix ahead of the Ferraris as champions Renault struggle. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
Great Qualifying! Alonso 7th which may indicate lack of pace or, more likely, an interesting race strategy. We'll have to see what happens at the start and at the first pit stop, that should decide the race... unless it rains...

Only one with eight in one place!

Eighth French win for Schumacher
Ferrari's Michael Schumacher continues his resurgence with a convincing win in the French Grand Prix at Magny-Cours. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

Italy beats France, Again...

Ferrari (Italy) beats Renault (France) In French soil! in what the French had claimed would be the revenge for the World Cup Final last week. No head-butts this time, we have to wait and see if the italians will be called cheaters (again).

Jests aside... Great race for Schumacher, that shows that Indianapolis was more than I thought. Great also Alonso, changing strategy midway in order to get a very valuable second place. At this rate, Alonso is still champ, but at least it seems that things may be closer than they appear a few weeks ago.

Schumacher pole in Magny Course

F1: Schumacher takes pole
Michael Schumacher takes pole at Magny-Cours, with Ferrari team-mate Felipe Massa clinching second spot. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

All Red France!

In the intensity of the race for second place, Ferrari and Schumacher seem to have lost the script where it clearly says Alonso will win. And all red front row. We have to wait and see the reality of the race tomorrow, but very clearly it will be worth watching. Hmmm... Italy beats France? Again? It's getting monotonous.

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