How badly is the Zune doing, part II

I did a walk up of the common electronic stores (Best buy, CompUSA, CircuitCity) in my area, and also of other stores that could sell the Zune (Fye, Target, Walmart, Gamestop). The experience was eerily consistent. There were Zunes in all the stores, but the experience of finding it and its accessories was really bad. Sandisk had much better displays. I was sort of curious about the magnetic headphones, and thought that buying them could be a hoot when the Zune becomes what my Virgin player is now... Could not find them, not only that, couldn't find a place where they would be displayed because there wasn't one! In one store I saw the brochure for the Zune and it only displayed the advanced headphones. This never happened with the Xbox. The Zune is a flop. It will be gone in six months. Just like Origami.


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on November 29, 2006, 5:03 pm
I still have the premium Origami headphones

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