First Impressions

I got my paws on my MBP yesterday, moving my stuff to it has been a breeze and I am up and running already and getting to the new stuff. The only casualty of the transition has been PGP. Rosetta rocks. There are two good reviews out today that I haven't read yet, but let me tell you what I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere...

1) The trackpad is huge! It's disproportionate really.

2) The screen is bright, but so is the backlighted keyboard.... blinding!

3) What's up with that stupid sleep light? Now, it lights up whenever the monitor sleeps, even if the computer is still working.

4) What's up with the mindless Front Row? You watch a Video podcast in Front Row it isn't marked as played in iTunes... Even the iPod does that.

5) The Activity Monitor with the doble CPU bars makes me feel very geeky.

Otherwise, what you have heard is pretty much the truth. The machine is plenty fast when running universal apps and I don't feel much difference in the non uni apps. Overall I am happy, no left speaker broken, no hiss or weird noises that I can tell...





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