RIP Mihaly Bakonyi

I received the sad news today that Mishi Bakonyi has died after a fight with brain cancer. I remember him as a very fun guy to be with. We saw each other only a few times, in mathematical conferences. I remember particularly one in Caracas and another in his home country of Romania. Having seen each other so little it would be a gross exaggeration to say we were good friends. But that is how I feel. I am sad that we grew apart after I left mathematics as a profession. I will always remember his funny and sage advice about traveling to Romania. I will remember him.


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on August 11, 2010, 11:00 pm
In the name of former elementary,high school and campus mates from Arad and Timisoara :Rest In Peace, Mishi.
You just follow now to the Eternity your legendary
grandfather, Professor Emeritus Kalman Bakonyi sr.and your genial father, Chief Mechanical Engineer Kalman
Bakonyi jr.
When my time comes, I would like to share the same place with you.The fun and good mood is guaranteed !!!

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